Train Ticket Registration

If you want to buy tickets easily and now you want to follow the new rules of ticketing then the first thing you need to do is go online and register. As there is no ticketing system through apps at present, you have to go to the website and do this and for your convenience, the address of the website is given here. Earlier it was easy for you to buy different types of tickets and later Bangladesh Railway adopted this ticketing system.

Ticketing system is introduced in its own way and for this every person has to register for train ticketing. However, many of you may be a little worried about not being successful even after registration or you want to know how this registration will be completed completely. Today we will discuss the detailed information about the rules of train ticket cutting through our website Sahoj and from here you will follow the new rules for ticketing Bangladesh Railway.

Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2022

So first of all you have to understand the address of the website from here and the address of this website is This is a new website for easy ticketing and Bangladesh Railway is selling tickets through this website. As per the previous rules, arrangements have been made to sell 50% of the tickets online. However, earlier there was a system of ticketing through apps, but now new rules have been followed and people are able to buy tickets very safely. So now you know the registration process for easy ticketing from here.

To buy a ticket, first go to the menu after visiting the above mentioned web site and there you will find an option called Register. When you go to that option, a form will come in front of you and first put your name correctly in that firm. Then enter your mobile number and email address. You have to give the mobile number twice and once to confirm. Then you need to set a password and always remember this password. Select the correct option for you to provide National Identity Card Number or Birth Registration Certificate Number.

Now you provide that number and when you go to the next page you will be given an SMS to your mobile number. In that SMS you are getting your OTP code and after placing the OTP code in the empty cell of the next cell, follow the other steps. When you receive a notification that your registration has been completed, you will know that it has been completed. Enter the email address provided and check if there is an email from the website mentioned above.

You will be notified of the congress through a written SMS of that email and there you will get the click here option. By clicking there, the next step is to complete the registration for your easy train ticket. Now those of you who want to know the detailed rules of ticketing can follow our other posts.

Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2022

However, it will be possible to buy tickets online by following the previous rules and just like the previous rules. In that case you have to specify the date of travel with the destination and you have to pay the ticket through Bikash with ticket or seat choice and cut the ticket. When the ticket is ready, it will come in front of you in the form of a PDF file and you can print it out and enjoy the journey by appearing at the station on the scheduled date and time.