Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2023 from eticket gov bd

Those who want to buy train tickets online can go to the official website by following the guidelines shown on our website and from there you can buy train tickets online in a very simple way. Usually everyone is busy and not many people have to go to the ticket counter to buy tickets offline. So if you want to come home for Eid, you can buy tickets online by following the guidelines from our website.

But first of all you have to complete the registration by entering the website to buy tickets online. There is not much hassle in completing the registration and in this case you will provide your name according to the national identity card and will complete your registration station by providing the email address, password and phone number properly. Once the registration is complete, check your email and you will be confirmed by the confirmation email that will be sent there.

The Bangladesh Railway Authority has set up an official website under its control excluding all the websites of the past and simple rules are being followed in making tickets from this official website. So if you want to buy train tickets online, you have to buy intercity train tickets. So in order to buy a ticket, first of all you have to collect the address of the website from the above title and through that address you enter the official website.

Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2023

Once the registration is complete, you will follow the next steps to complete the ticketing process and provide the information required for ticketing. However, it is often seen that there is a problem with the server on the website as soon as the ticket is cut at 8 am and due to this the ticket is running out in a short while. So in order to buy a ticket, you need to have a high speed internet system and a certain amount of cash in development.

www.e ticket

Now you need to specify the place of departure and destination from the website. Mention the date on which you want to travel. There are usually a lot of trains that have a weekly holiday and if you want to know the day of the weekly holiday, if you select your train travel date and select the class, you will find that train by going to the next page. And if the train does not arrive according to the date, then it must be understood that the day is an official holiday.

Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2022 From Eticket Gov Bd
Eticket Eid Ticket Book Online 2023 From Eticket Gov Bd

Now you have to follow the other steps and go to the next room you have to select the seats according to the number of seats in the train and the seats according to the white part. Once selected, go to the next page and provide all the information that will be asked from you.

Eticket Eid Ticket Online 2023

e ticket(.)railway(.)gov(.)bd/login/en

In case of payment, you have to provide your bKash account number and PIN number as well as provide email address and wait for a while. Then in a short time your ticket will be ready in PDF format and you can download it from there.