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HSC OMR Sheet PDF 2022 Download

Would you like to see what the OMR sheet might look like for the 2021 HSC exam? Then for your convenience this OMR sheet has been provided on our website and you can view the OMR sheet in PDF file format. You all know that 2021 HSC exam is going to start from 2nd December. This test will continue till December 29. Therefore, students have to answer multiple choice questions in the examination of each subject.

However, answering this multiple choice question is not like last year’s exam. In the HSC exam to be held in 2021, students of humanities and commerce department will have to answer 15 multiple choice questions and students of science department will have to answer 12 questions. However, many people want to know how the OMR sheet will be provided for answering this multiple choice question and what its format may be.

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For that purpose we collect information from SSC candidates and create an OMR sheet accordingly and upload it on our website for your purpose. Once you see this OMR sheet you will understand what kind of seats can be provided in your exam and how you can fill that OMR sheet.


The HSC exam of 2021 is going to start much later than usual and I don’t think there is any need to tell you the reason for starting this exam late.

Because our education system was suspended when everything in the country came to a standstill. After the situation in the next country has returned to normal, the educational institution is reopened on the 12th of September, and after the reopening of the educational institution, it is provided to the students by gradually preparing the routine for the examination.

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So the students started preparing themselves to participate in the test. They take about two months to test. Although 100 number examinations are held every year, the HSC examination of 2021 will be of limited number.

Science students will be given twenty five multiple choice questions and from that they will have to answer the ball multiple choice questions. Moreover, out of all the creative questions that will be given to them, they will have to answer only two creative questions. In addition, students in the humanities and commerce departments will be given thirty multiple choice questions and from that they will have to answer 15 multiple choice questions.

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And in the case of creative questions, they have to answer a total of three questions. This test will be held in the morning and afternoon shifts. The test will start at ten in the morning and both. So those of you who are going to participate in the exam, prepare for the exam and revise the previous reading again and again. So in this short time it will be possible to get good results in the exam only if you look at the previous readings well without reading any new chapter.

Also, make good use of these testing times and keep time away from all kinds of electronic devices at the reading table. So good luck on behalf of our website for the 2021 HSC candidates.

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