Eticket Train Ticket Online Booking Eid 2022

Eticket Train Ticket Online Booking Eid 2023

The above mentioned title is a new official website of Bangladesh Railway. For those of you who want to travel from one place to another by train, you have to enter this official website and buy a ticket. If you want to go to any part of the country, you can buy tickets by entering this rule and this website in case of intercity ticketing and if you want to know the rules in case of ticketing, then today’s post on our website will play an important role for you.

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Earlier, another website was used for online ticketing of Bangladesh Railway and now that website and those apps have been canceled and new websites and new apps have been launched for online ticketing in a new and easier way. But usually a person chooses a website to buy a ticket. It is possible to buy a certain number of tickets online and those of you who do not know the official website can collect the address of the official website from the title given above through this post today.

As soon as you enter the official website, you must first register by going to the menu option at the top right and the rules for registration have been explained in another post on our website. Even after that if you want to make a new registration you will understand how to fill in any information and with a new strong password you will complete the registration there and follow the ticketing process later.

Specify where you want your journey to begin and then where your destination ends. In this case, you may not show the address of the local station for online ticketing. In that case you will select the big station before or after and after selecting that station you will specify the date of your journey. Go to room number 4 and select the class you want to travel in and there will be mention of different classes of a train and the ticket price will be more or less depending on the class.

Now you have to go to the next room and according to the date and class of your trip there will be a list of trains and you can see which train will leave at what time and how many seats are vacant in which train. Once you have entered, you will select the train that will travel at your convenience and you will be able to go there and select all the seats in the white part as there are empty seats.

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In this way, you can enter the above mentioned official website and buy a ticket for traveling on intercity train to any part of Bangladesh and in case of ticketing, there is a system of payment through bKash and recharge the amount fixed in bKash in advance. If anyone has any problem with online ticketing, you can ask us a question and in this case you can get the ticket if you start the ticketing process immediately without the ticket.