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দেখুন SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board Marksheet and Number Check

Secondary School Certificate and equivalent examinations is one of the best first step to prove what will be happen in one’s career. Educational minister of Bangladesh has declared that the result will be published in 21 May, 2022 at 1.00 p.m.

Dhaka board is the prime authority for holding public examination and results. The result of all SSC candidate has been announced at the same time. 2022

I will talk about the tentative published date and the way of collect your result. Hope you will get all the information you need.  Here you can also find the Scholarship result and you also know how to download your mark sheet. Read this article to know more. I design this article with very informative materials.

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  • SSC exam result 2022 date.
  • SSC exam result 2022 Dhaka Board.
  • SSC exam result checking system.
  • How to check SSC exam result 2022?
  • SSC exam result 2022 mark sheet of Dhaka Board.
  • SSC exam result 2022 know by SMS Dhaka Board.
  • SSC exam result 2022 Board challenge process of Dhaka board.
  • SSC exam and result 2022 all updates news of Dhaka Board.
  • SSC Scholarship result 2022 Dhaka Board.

All SSC exam candidates are very much panic about the actual published date of SSC result. They are very worried about that. All the guardians of candidates are also worried about the Secondary School Certificate result. They may be over think about the result because of the current situation of Bangladesh. They are much tensed about the result will be published at the announced date or not. To give them relax Dhaka board has released a date to publish SSC and all equivalent examinations result. All the student of Bangladesh will get their result in the same day.

দেখুন SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board Marksheet

Usually Prime Minister announces the result first. Published date of SSC result is 21 may, 2022. You get your SSC result very easily.

There is a declaration that publish all Board result and also Dakhil under Madrasa Board and SSC Vocational under Bangladesh Technical Board result will be published in the same date.

Educational Minister Dr. Dipu Moni will hand over the SSC result to the Prime Minister before announcing it publicly.

SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number Check

SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board

The Prime Minister will first open the result papers copy. Then the Prime Minister will announce results through a video conference in the presence of educational ministry and others high educational officers and Prime Minister greetings the students and give them a message and she also give console the failure.  Every year Prime minister doing the same thing. The Prime Minister always praise the hard work and dedication of the students and she give them best wishes for their better future.

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

After completing this segment then Dhaka Board released the result across the whole country. All the examinees will get there results from their respective schools or website of their respective boards or they can also get their result by their mobile phone by sending a simple SMS.

SSC and equivalent examinations is one of the finest method of exam and a very first step of student’s career. By this exam they become stronger and confident to present themselves in the world. Students always try to do their best in SSC exam and we can see their hard work and dedication by a very good result.

SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number Check

SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board Statistics

4, 74,637 students participate for SSC exam in Dhaka Board and a huge number of students in the whole country.

Pass rate of Dhaka board is always excellent and last year the rate was fantabulous.

Dhaka board has the consistency to hold their position. Students of Dhaka Board hope that in this year they will again achieve very good position across the whole country.

In the last year SSC students doing very well and the percentage of pass rate was 82.20% and a huge number of students got GPA 5.

www educationboardresults gov bd SSC Result 2022

Total number of students pass SSC last year the GPS result of Dhaka board was very fantastic. And Dhaka Board was in the first positive according to GPA 5. Gradually students are becoming more successful and they can overcome any obstacle.

Educational Minister Resources say that May 21 may be the tentative dates for the publishing SSC and equivalent examination’s results and other formalities.

The Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni will formally declared the SSC result in front of press conference and others around 1 p.m. in May 21.

The examination begins in February 3rd according to the changed routine with 5,30,422 candidates and because of the covid-19 pandemic it would not possible to complete the examination in time even so SSC exam has been finished in delay. The theoretical part of the exam is ended on March 8 and the practical part started on March 9, continue till 14 march, 2022.

Last year Government has taken some strict action against the poor performance institution and that is why people hope this year SSC result will be flourished and pass rate will be high than other years.

In the last year girls have done fantastic than boys. Girls flourished the pass rate and in several years result is like that. Gradually girls become more active in study and work then Boys. Girls hope that they can again hold the good results.

Last year SSC and equivalent exams around 222 institution have been zero pass rate. But Education Minister Hope that this year SSC and equivalent result will be far better than the last two or three years.

Dr. Dipu Moni is the head of the Educational Minister. She is the magnificent lady with a very beautiful shining heart.

Here you will find your SSC result and all the latest updates of your result very easily. Result will be published on tooth across the country at the same time. Every year result is published around same month same date.

Last year Rajshahi Board has topped with 91.6% pass rate and the rate of the highest GPA 5 was in Dhaka Board.

10, 78,527 boys and 10, 59,288 girls sat SSC and equivalent examinations in 2019.

Students got GPA 51, 05,594 students in 2019, the rate has gone down than 2018 about 5,000 less than in last year’s. The percentage of the GPA 5 achieves 4.96% that last year that was 5.46%.

Last year the pass rate of all the country was 82.20%. In 2019 Rajshahi doing very in SSC exam, the pass rate of Rajshahi is more among other Boards. And the Sylhel Board doing worse than other Boards.

The Sylhet education board has the lowest pass rate at 70.83%. In Dhaka Board it was 79.62%, 87.16% in Comilla Board, 77.41% in Barisal Board, 90.88% in Jessore Board, 78.11% in Chittagong Board, and 84.10% for the Dinajpur Education Board.

Dhaka Education Board got the highest Grade Point Averages of 5.

Last year the pass rate of science student was 94.72 %, Business students 83.03% Humanities groups was 74.32%

Female student’s results doing far better than males. Female are more active in study and school than males.

Female students have shown very good performance in both GPA 5 scoring and pass rate in the Secondary School Certificate and equivalent examinations in the last year.

The pass rate of female students had 83.8 percentage whereas male had 81.12 percentage.

5, 3,448 female students scored GPA 5 and male 52,110 code GPA 5 in the previous year.

Madrasa Board and Technical Board of Bangladesh has performed very well in the last year. The extraordinary performed has given them a good place towards the others Board.

Pass rate of Madrasa Board in 2019 was 83.03% and it was 10% improve then 2018. In 2018 the past rate of Madrasa Board was 70.89%.

Total of 6287 Madrasa Board students got GPA 5.

And Bangladesh Technical Board has achieved 72.2 4% pass rate in 2019 that was also good than previous year.

This two Board also hope that in 2022 they will again show an extraordinary performance like the last several years.

In this year total students number is 5, 30,422.

Female student’s number is 2, 59,295, Male student’s number is 2, 71,127.

This year again the SSC and equivalent examinations female number is more than males.

The Secondary School Certificate and equivalent examinations was held under 11 Education Board

2, 81,254 number of students are participated SSC exam in Dakhil under Madrasa Board and 1, 31,285 for Vocational exam under Bangladesh technical Board in 2022.

SSC exam result 2022 Dhaka board

Educational Board of Dhaka is prepared to announce the Secondary School Certificate and equivalent examinations results 2022. They have taken all the preparation to declare the result. Result will be published in the same date same time all over the country. Last year result was published on

All the SSC candidates hope that this year also make them happy. About 5, 30,422 students have taken part in the SSC exam and Dhaka board attendance has 4, 74,637.

Dhaka board is one of the finest Board of Bangladesh. Dhaka Education Board always keeps its amazing results. The students of Dhaka Education Board are very much sincere about their study. Head of Dhaka Education Board also very concerned about their result. Dhaka board also hope that this year they will be received the first position all over the ten Boards. Last year Rajshahi Board has the best pass rate and Dhaka Board has highest score of GPA 5. Result has been shown that what will next to happen.

More than 2187815 SSC candidate has seated in 2022.

Dhaka board has candidates female students number is 2, 49,766 mil student number is 2, 25,688.

Here we can see that female student’s number is much more than male students.

Pass rate of Dhaka board

Dhaka Educational Board pass rate is very good and scoring of GPA 5 is also good. Dhaka Board is one of the most prosperous Board in Bangladesh.

In 2019 pass rate of Dhaka Board was 79.62%.

In 2018 pass rate of Dhaka Board was 77.77%.

In 2017 pass rate of Dhaka Board was 83.39%.

In 2016 pass rate of Dhaka Board was 88.67%.

In 2015 pass rate of Dhaka Board was 88.65%.

The pass rate of Dhaka Board is almost the same in the last several years and in this year the Head of Dhaka Educational Board hope that this year their hardworking and brilliant student again made them proud. SSC exam candidates also hope that they will do better.

How to Check All Board SSC Result 2022?

Checking process of SSC result is very easy.

You can get your result from your respective institutions or you may take the help of Website or online or you may check your result by using your phone by sent a SMS.

Here I will discuss about all helpline to get your result. If you have any further question then you can ask me in the comment section.

If you want to collect your SSC result from your school, then you can collect it. But you have to wait for a long to collect result from school. That is why you may use Website, online or your mobile phone SMS.

After publishing the result, the result will available in the Website or online around 2 pm.

To get your result from Website you have to wait till 2 pm.

First you have to go on an accurate website to get your Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dakhil and equivalent examinations result.

You must have visit the official website of Bangladesh Education board results ( to get your result.

There you have to give your roll number, enter your respective Board name, and add sessions. You have to fill the catch code and then click submit box and after a while simply you will get your SSC score.

How you check SSC Result 2022 by SMS?

It is a very easy and simple process to get your SSC result. By SMS you can easily get your SSC exam result.

I will teach you the way.

First you have to enter your message box then you have to type SSC and first three letters of your respective Board, your roll number and passing year. And send to 16222

For example

General SSC Exam Result 2022

SSC <Space> RAJ<Space>165478<Space> 2022 and then send to 16222.

Dakhil SSC Exam Result 2022

Dakhil<Space>First 3 letters of your Madrasha Education Board<Space>Your Roll Number<Space>2022 and then send to 16222


If you are a Vocation student in the same process you can check your SSC result.

You have been charged 2.50 taka per SMS. By SMS you can collect your friend’s results


Short Form of All Board

For Dhaka Board= DHA

For Cumilla Board= CUM

For Barisal Board= BAR

For Sylhet Board= SYL

For Chittagong Board= CHI

For Jeshor Board= JES

For Rajshahi Board= RAJ

For Dinajpur Board= DIN

For Madrasha Board=MAD

For Technical Board= BTEB

All the very best for your result. Hope you will make yourself proud and fulfill your dream.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: When will Dhaka Board SSC result be Published?
Answer: Dhaka Board SSC result will be published at 10:00 a.m. on May 31st.
Question: When we can download SSC marksheet of Dhaka board?
Answer: You can download your marksheet of every subject from 2 p.m. after May 31.
Question: Can I check MCQ marks of Dhaka Board?
Answer: Yes you can easily check it.
Question: How to download MCQ marks of Dhaka board?
Answer: In order to download MCQ marks of every subject you have to visit official result BD.
Question: How to apply for board challenge of Dhaka board?
Answer: You have to read the notice regarding board Challenge process before applying for it.
Question: How to download SSC result with marksheet of Dhaka board?
Answer: Visit Dhaka Education Board website in order to download your marksheet of SSC result.
Question: Dhaka Board SSC result Kokhon Dibe?
Answer: The result will be declared at 10:00 a.m. on May 31st.
Question: How to change Dhaka Board SSC result?
Answer: Unfortunately you cannot change your SSC result. Back you can apply for board challenge.
Question: How to check SSC result of Dhaka board by mobile SMS?
Answer: Details about checking the result by sms is discussed in this article.
Question: How to check SSC result of Dhaka Board from internet?
Answer: Anyone can easily check their SSC result from internet. We have already discussed it in our content section.

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