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SSC Result 2022 Barisal Board Marksheet and Number

Are you looking for SSC result 2022 of Barisal Board with subject wise marksheet and number? Then this article is for you. Because in this article we deal with SSC result of Barisal Board.By reading this article you will learn how to check Barisal Board SSC result from online and SMS method. So let’s get started.

Barisal Board

Secondary School Certificate and equivalent examinations result have been published today at 1:00 p.m. usually Prime Minister of Bangladesh used to announce the results.

This year Prime Minister also announces the result through the video conference. Pass rate of all over the country in this year is 82.7 7% and a huge number of student got GPA 5. The rate is high than the last year.

The percentage of pass rate is really very brilliant and female doing far better than males like the last year.
This article is totally designed by very important information and important materials.

How to Check Barisal Board SSC Result 2022

SSC result Barisal Board is going to be declared on 31st of May 2022. Anyone can collect it from online and SMS method.

By applying three methods you can easily check Barisal Board SSC result. The three methods are given below.

1. Online

2. SMS

3. App

Here I will discuss the essential and necessary for SSC examines. I will discuss everything about Barisal Board SSC result 2022 step by step. Hope you will find all necessary information here.

You can also take your SSC result from your respective Institutions after 2:00 p.m. You may go to your school to collect your SSC result. But if you are not home or it is not possible to go to your school then you also choose the SMS process or online process.

Now I discuss about checking SSC result by online process. Checking SSC results by online is very simple and easy. Anyone can do it easily and this process is simpler and fast then others. You need only data connection in your mobile phone.

First you have to go to the official page of Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, ministry of education ( and from here you can collect your result. There you got a box. In this box there is some requirements to full fill.

You have to write your roll number, your registration number, your passing year, your respective full Board’s name (Barisal)Then fill a CAPTCHA and press submit.

If you do any mistake press reset and again start from the beginning and follow the same process.

Your result will be ready within a few moment. Still then wait. After get the result Check it properly and you may also help your friend to check their SSC result.

If you do not have any internet connection then you may also go to any nearest shop which are related with results.

SSC Result 2022 Barisal Board by SMS

Barisal Board students can easily check their SSC result from the here. Read more to know detail about SSC result. SSC result has been published at 1:00 p.m.

You can now easily get your result by SMS by your mobile phone. It is the most affordable and easiest way to get your SSC result. I will show you this process with and beautiful example. Hope you can understand clearly.

To check your result by SMS it is not necessary which operator’s network you use. You just have to send a SMS at 16222.
First you have to go to your mobile phone’s message box and there you have to type your roll number, first three letters of your Board’s name (BAR), your passing year, and check it properly then send it at 16222.

If the result is ready you will get your desired SSC result. Check it and share the process with your friends that they can also check the SSC result by SMS. You have been charged 2.50 Taka for per SMS.

I will show you a demo.
SSC <Space> BAR <Space>165478<Space> 2022 and then send to 16222.

By App

  1. First download the Android application of education Board named “SSC Result”
  2. Then open it and select your examination as SSC or equivalent.
  3. Then select your Board.
  4. Put your roll number.
  5. Click on search button.

Within a few seconds your SSC result of Barisal Board will be displayed within subject wise marksheet.

SSC Marksheet 2022

SSC mark sheet is very important to know about your actual result and subjects scoring. And from that checking mark sheet you can guess that you will get your desired Scholarship or not and from that you can also know that you can admit on your favorite college or not! So from here you will learn how to get your SSC Result marksheet.This process is also like the result checking process by online.
Here you have to also fulfill some formalities properly to get your SSC mark sheet.
You have to go to the official website of Education Board. There you will get a box and there is some requirements.Those requirements are your roll number, your registration number, your passing year, your full Board name. So now you have to fulfill all the requirements very carefully.

There you have to give your roll number, your registration number, your Board’s full name, your passing year and you have to again fill a captcha here and you have to press to submit to send your request.
After a few moments later you will get your mark sheet with all your description and from here you can know that which subject you got what GPA and then you can understand your result is good or not. You are applicable for Scholarship or not.

SSC Board Challenge Process 2022 Barisal Board

The results of SSC and equivalent examinations for 2022 have been handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The Education Minister and the chairmen of all the Boards handed over the results of their respective Boards to the Prime Minister at Ganobhaban at 10 am today.Are you a student of Barisal Board and you are not happy with your SSC result?

Then here I will give you some tips for Board Challenge. Board challenge is an easy process. And you can easily do it.
If any student have the confident that they are doing well in the exam but they do not get their desired marks and GPA then they can challenge the Board. And if the result is changeable then you can get a good news.

For challenge Board you have to go to the official web page of and there you write your roll number, your registration number, your respective Board’s full name, you’re passing year and submit it.

Fulfill all the requirements what they want and check it properly. To Board challenge you have to write your subject name and code which subject you want to challenge the Board. You can challenge more than one subject. Here you have to provide your own phone number. Because Board will provide your result by SMS.
You have been charged 250 Taka and after few days you will get your Challenge result by a SMS on your mobile phone.

SSC Scholarship Result 2022 Barisal Board

Every SSC student desire for Scholarship. But you have to remember that only the bright student can get Scholarship.
All Education Board decide and choose the talent students for give them reward. The students who get maximum 95% in their every subject with the optional one. They only get scholarship in SSC exam. Scholarship result has announced a few days after your result.
Here I will discuss the way to know your SSC scholarship result 2022. If you are a good student then you surely get scholarship. Read this writing thoroughly to learn how get you know your Scholarship result.
To check your Scholarship result 2022 you have to again go to the same page. It will be better if you bookmark this Bangladesh Educational Board’s web page.

Then you fulfill some formalities because it is necessary. You have to write your roll number, your registration number, your Board’s full name, your passing year and submit it to send your request.

People are so happy for this SSC result 2022 Dhaka Board and they give positive react send they hope that may be one day pass rate will be increase and it breaks all the records of last years.
Students also very happy and they ready to go to any battle with this excellent works. They hope that Prime Minister will help and encourage them for their long race. We also hope that.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: When will Barisal Board SSC result be Published?
Answer: Barisal Board SSC result will be published at 10:00 a.m. on May 31st.
Question: When we can download SSC marksheet of Barisal board?
Answer: You can download your marksheet of every subject from 2 p.m. after May 31.
Question: Can I check MCQ marks of Barisal Board?
Answer: Yes you can easily check it.
Question: How to download MCQ marks of Barisal board?
Answer: In order to download MCQ marks of every subject you have to visit official result BD.
Question: How to apply for board challenge of Barisal board?
Answer: You have to read the notice regarding board Challenge process before applying for it.
Question: How to download SSC result with marksheet of Barisal board?
Answer: Visit Barisal Education Board website in order to download your marksheet of SSC result.
Question: Barisal Board SSC result Kokhon Dibe?
Answer: The result will be declared at 10:00 a.m. on May 31st.
Question: How to change Barisal Board SSC result?
Answer: Unfortunately you cannot change your SSC result. Back you can apply for board challenge.
Question: How to check SSC result of Barisal board by mobile SMS?
Answer: Details about checking the result by sms is discussed in this article.
Question: How to check SSC result of Barisal Board from internet?
Answer: Anyone can easily check their SSC result from internet. We have already discussed it in our content section.

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