PSC Result 2023 by SMS (DPE Result by SMS)

Primary School Certificate (PSC) result is going to be published on December 29, 2023. The result can be checked in many ways. You can check your PSC result 2023 from online.

Do you know that PSC Result 2023 can be checked by SMS? Department of Primary Education has successfully integrated the system. The result of any Education Board can be checked through sending mobile SMS to 16222.

Psc Result 2019 By Sms

Want to learn the process? Then read this article. Because we will teach you how to send SMS to 16222 and check PSC result 2023.

SMS Method of Getting PSC Result 2023

Want to know the method of getting PSC result by sms? We have collected information on sms method. SMS method is given below.


SMS format for checking PSC result is:

DPE space Thana/Upazila Code space Roll Numer

Send the mesage to 16222

The format says that at first you have to type DPE in mobile message option. Then you have to put your Thana or upazila code. We provide Thana or Upazila code in the later part of this article.

Now give a space there. Then you have to put your roll number there. We hope that you have collected your roll number from your admit card.

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You should be very careful while you input the roll number into the SMS. And finally you have to send this sms to 16222 number.

Remember that sms charge will be applicable for sending every SMS. No SMS will be send if your balance is zero. Keep at least 3 Taka in your balance and then try to send the sms.

Thana/Upazila code for PSC Result 2023

You know that PSC result has been published. Millions of student are looking for PSC result. There are many method exist for checking PSC result.


Among the methods SMS method is one of the easiest methods. But many people fails to check PSC result by sms. Because they don’t know the Thana or upazila code.

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For them we have collected thousands of Thana/upazila code. Here we describe all the codes in details. Know your upazila code from here.

SMS Charges for Checking PSC Result 2023

Most probably you have known that sms charge is applicable for checking PSC result by sms. Online method is free. You can check your PC result online without giving any charge.

But everybody don’t have the capacity for checking the PSC result 2023 using internet. So SMS method is the only alternative for them.


Though the SMS method requires charges, it becomes popular to majority of Bangladeshi people. Because the method is very easy.

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Many of the people don’t know the correct process for checking PSC result 2023 by SMS.

By the way now we talked about sms charges.

Here is some point to be noted:

* SMS to be sent to 16222 number
* There is a prescribed SMS format
* SMS charge applicable for single sms
* Every single SMS will cost 2.50 taka
* You have to send the sms after 2.00 pm
* In reply SMS they will send the result

DPE Result by SMS

Directorate of Primary Education(DPE) Result can be collected via SMS. But many people don’t know. Because they are unaware of this method.


There is another reason. This is latest introduction of dpe. This method is in practice form 3 years. Therefore some people think that the method is hard. They don’t even try to taste the method.

Dpe Result By Sms
According to the method, it is very interesting task. There are some reason behind this. Anyone can apply this method for checking their dpe result.

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Moreover you can use any of your mobile devices for sending SMS. On the contrary online method requires Android devices.

There is another reason behind its popularity. You can check your DPE result instantly by sending SMS to 16222. SMS format is given below.

We hope that you have successfully collected your DPE result by sms. Please note that you can use any of your sim card. Sms charge is applicable for every SMS.

PSC Result Kivabe Dekhbo

Many of us don’t know how to dekhte hoi PSC result 2023. To help them out we have come ahead.

We will tell you the method on how you can dekhte pau your PSC result. So please read this passage carefully.

Most probably you know that there are some methods for collecting any result of Bangladesh.


Primary school certificate result is one of the most prestigious result for primary education.

Bangladesh Mass education ministry has introduced new system for checking PSC result.

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From now on anyone can check their PSC result in three methods. And they are online, SMS and education office.

We have already described of online method and SMS method. Now we are going to discuss how to collect PSC result from education office in upazila sector.

To collect your PSC result 2023 from upazilla education office, you have to visit there. Then you should contact with education officer.

And then the office will show you the psc result.

Primary Result 2023 by SMS

Primary education completion examination was held on November 17 2023. The result will be published on December 30 2023.

Everybody is looking for primary result. There are many ways for downloading this result. You can easily take your private result by sending SMS. That you have to follow some rules.


Do you know the rules for collecting primary result by sms? If you don’t know then you should read this paragraph to get your result.

To check your primary result by SMS at first profile on mobile message option. Then click on write message option.

After that type the SMS we prescribed here. And send the SMS to 16222. SMS charge 2.50 Taka applicable for every SMS.

Somaponi Result 2023 by SMS

A prescribed method is discussed here to teach you how to check somaponi result 2023 by sms. Are you looking for the method? You can learn the method from here.

We have described in detailed how you can check somaponi result 2023 by sending mobile SMS.

SMS Format: DPE space Student ID

Example: DPE 235353647

And send the message to 16222.

All Education Board SMS system

PSC student can check the result by sms for every education board in Bangladesh.

To do that, they have to follow a SMS format. We are going to elaborately discuss how to type the SMS send it to the desired number.


There are 8 general education board and one madrasa board. We will begin our discussion through Dhaka board.

1. Dhaka Board SMS System:

PSC result of Dhaka board by sending SMS, dpe space student id number. The desired number is same for all Education Board. And the Number is 16222.

Example: DPE 2364748546 >16222

2. Chittagong Board SMS System:

Chittagong Education Board is the largest education board in students number. But many of us think that Dhaka is the largest Education Board.

The SMS system for Chittagong Education Board is easier that other education board. To check Chittagong board PSC result by SMS you have to send a message to 16222 number.

Example: DPE 2364748546 >16222

3. Rajshahi Board SMS System:

Rajshahi Education Board has announced PSC result on its website. The result can be collected from the official website of Rajshahi Education Board. There is another option for checking PSC result. And the method is SMS method.

You can check easily your psc result of Rajshahi board by sending mobile SMS. Type the message now and send it to the desired number.

And the message is dpe space your student id number. Send it to 16222.

4. Jessore Board SMS System:

Jessore Education Board PSC result can be collected by sending SMS to a particular number. The PSC result of this information bird has been published on December 31st.

Around 95% student passed the examination. And it is a matter of surprise that more then 2300 students are selected for psc scholarship.

You can collect the result by SMS now. Just type the message below on your write message option. Send the message to 16222 number.

5. Comilla Board SMS System:

Comilla Education Board declared PSC result on December. The result is available at their official website. You can also collect the result from Education Board website.

Moreover you can check your result from primary education board official website. There is another option for checking PSC result by sending SMS.

We are going to show you the exact format of message. The message should be send to 16222 number.

6. Sylhet Board SMS System:

The result of PSC examination has been declared by sylhet Education Board. The result is going to be published via SMS. You can check your result of sylhet education board by sending SMS to a number.

If you are looking for PSC result of sylhet board then you have to just send a message to 16222 number and get your result right now.
To check your result just type dpe space your student id number in your mobile write message option.

7. Barisal Board SMS System:

Barisal Education Board is the smallest education board in Bangladesh. Recently the education board declared its PSC result throughout Bangladesh.

If you are a student of PSC examination, then you can collect Barisal board PSC result by SMS from our website. SMS format is as simple as other education board’s SMS system.

And the desired number is the same as 16222. SMS Charge 2.50 Taka applicable for every single SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I check my PSC result by sms

Answer: Yes, off course. You can easily check your result by sms.

Question 2: How do I check my psc result by SMS?

Answer: To check your result, send a message to 16222. And the sms format is DPE 353636363.