PSC Result 2023 Marksheet | Primary Scholarship Result Kobe Dibe

PSC Result 2023 marksheet is going to be published by Directorate of Primary Education(DPE). The PSC result will be published with details number and marksheet. More than 28 Millions students have taken part in the examination this year. And the exam was held from November 17 to November 24. Are you looking for the marksheet of PSC result? Then read this article. By reading this article you will learn how to check PSC result with number and marksheet.

We broke down this post by:

  • PSC Result 2023 kobe dibe,
  • how to collect marksheet of the result,
  • online method for collecting marksheet,
  • and how to collect number for particular subjects.

And in the last part of this article we will try to answer some frequently asked questions about marksheet of PSC result. Let’s start discussion.

How to Check PSC Result 2023 Marksheet

PSC result marksheet is ready to download. You can download the mark sheet using many methods. Some of them are very easy and some of them are quite hard.

Psc Result 2019 For Particular Board

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Want to check your marksheet using the easiest method? Read this article. So that we can teach you the entire process elaborately.


The process of checking PSC result with marksheet is very easy. But many of us don’t know how to collect the result.

Before checking result you should learn the entire process. And without knowing the process you can’t be successful.

PSC result 2023 can be checked in two methods. That are:

  1. Online Method
  2. SMS Method

Checking PSC result by sms is easier then checking from online.

Because during result Publication the server of official website remain down. So it can serve your request.

On the contrary, if you send a sms to 16222, it will reply instantly. Because there is no server problem from the SMS provider.

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Want to learn the process? Then read the below passages to get idea how you check your PSC result marksheet from online and SMS method.

Online MethodPsc Result 2019 Marksheet

Here we are going to describe step by step process for checking PSC result via online method.


First Step: At first turn on your data connection and open one of your internet browser. We suggest you to open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then type the website address of directorate of primary education. The web address is

Second Step: The second step for collecting marksheet of PSC result is very much easy. But you have to perform this step carefully. Because it is tricky steps. In this step you have to input your roll number in the website of DPE.

When the website is fully loaded, you have to look for the place to input your roll number. By carefully putting your roll number in the blank space, you have to click on submit button.

Some time there may appear captcha challenge. you have to solve the captcha challenge. it is for the service security. So that no attackers can damage the information of this website.


Third Step: After completing the second step you have to perform third step. In this step no important work is waiting for you. Just you have to download your marksheet by clicking on the print button.

You can also save your PSC marksheet as PDF file on your mobile phone or computer. To do so you have to right click on the page and press on Save As as PDF file.

By performing this steps you have successfully downloaded your PSC result 2023 marksheet. Now we will discuss how to collect PSC result marksheet in SMS method.

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SMS Method

Psc Result 2019 MarksheetWe hope that you have already downloaded your PSC result. But have you downloaded it with your marksheet? If you haven’t, then you can easily download your result with marksheet by sending SMS. The process is very much easy and simple.


There is a particular SMS format. You have to abide by the SMS format in order to check your PSC marksheet. You can also check your Ebtedayee result with this sms format.

At first you have to type the SMS in to your write message option from mobile message menu. Then you have to send this sms to 16222. 1622 is the official number for delivering PSC result with marksheet.

All Board Marksheet Checking System

There are eight general board and two exceptional education board. And they are technical board & Madrasah board. Here we are going to describe how to collect all boards PSC Result 2023 with Marksheet.

All Board Marksheet Checking System

1. Jessore Board PSC Marksheet

Psc marksheet of jessore board is very much important. It is necessary for all students who sit for psc examination in 2023. Nowadays PSC result is been published with marksheet.  But a few years back the result was published only. And after two days marksheet was published. 


This Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will announce PSC result with marksheet of all Education Board. If you are a student of Jessore board, then you can also download your PSC marksheet from website. Do you know how to download marksheet of PSC examination? If you don’t know then you should read the step by step process we discussed below.

Step 1: First open

Step 2: There choose the result menu. Then Input student id number to the blank space.

Step 3: You have to solve Captcha challenge.

Step 4: After completing capture challenge click on submit button. Save or download the copy of your result.

2. Rajshahi Board PSC Marksheet

Have you taken part in your PSC examination from rajshahi Board? Then most probably you are looking for the marksheet of your PSC result. Don’t worry dear. We are here to show you your PSC marksheet. Just follow our step by step instructions to download your marksheet right now.

Step 1: First visit

Step 2: Select result menu.

Step 3: Then Input student id number to the blank space. You have to solve Captcha challenge.

Step 4: Finally click on submit button.

3. Dhaka Board PSC Marksheet

Students of Dhaka are highly clever and brilliant. All of them know how to download PSC marksheet from internet.  But there are many students live around Dhaka. And surprisingly they don’t know how to download marksheet. To teach them we are here with step by step tutorial. If you are looking for more information about psc marksheet, then you should follow our instructions. 

Step 1: At first you have to visit the website of Dhaka Board.

Step 2: You have to select your result as PSC/Ebtedayee.

Step 3: When you select PSC, a form will appear. Fill up the form using your student id number.

Step 4: Click on submit button.

4. Comilla Board PSC Marksheet

Students from Comilla Education Board are eagerly waiting for PSC marksheet. It is necessary for applying for scholarship. So if you want to apply for PSC scholarship or primary school scholarship, then you must collect it from internet or your school. As the result just published, you can’t find your marksheet on your school. You have to depend on internet. That’s why we are here with your marksheet. We are going to show you how you can easily download your psc marksheet step by step. 

Step 1: At first open internet browser. The official website of Primary Education Board. On that Website you will find an option for checking your Comilla board PSC result.

Step 2: Select your board and if put your student id number in order to get your result. And click the submit button.

By following this method you will check your PSC result of Comilla board.

5. Chittagong Board PSC Marksheet

Chittagong Education Board is ready to declare its PSC result with marksheet and number. Have you taken part PSC examination from Chittagong board? Then you are on the right place to collect your marksheet of PSC examination. We are proudly announcing that you can easily download your marksheet from our website. Just follow the step by step process to know how you can easily download your marksheet


Step 1: To check PSC result of this board, at first you have to visit the website. When you visit the website, there is a option for checking PSC result of Chittagong board. By the way remember that Chittagong and Chattogram is same.

Step 2: You have to select your result as PSC.

Step 3: When you select PSC there will a form to fill up. To fill up the form using your student id number. You can find your student id number from your admit card. So input your student id number and click on submit button.

Your result will automatically downloaded. You can also take a print of your result.

6. Dinajpur Board PSC Marksheet

The Dinajpur Board is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for holding three public examinations (Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), and Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC). It started the operation in 2006.

According to information Dinajpur Education Board is ready to publish marksheet of PSC result. From Dinajpur Board about 300000 student have taken part in PSC examination. All of them are waiting for their result. So if you are one of them, then you can collect your result from our official website. Just follow step by step process we are discussing below to get idea about how to download psc marksheet of Dinajpur board.

Step 1: At first visit the website of Education Board.

Step 2: Select your result as PSC/Ebtedayee.

Step 3: Fill up the form using your student id number.

Step 4: Click on submit button.

7. Barisal Board PSC Marksheet

Barisal Education Board has just announced that they are ready to publish PSC result with marksheet on December 30, 2023. That is can be downloaded from many websites. You can download the result from official result BD, and The method for collecting PSC marksheet of barisal board is easy. Are you looking for your PSC marksheet? Just follow the step by step process to easily download your psc marksheet.

Step 1: Visit Education Board Result website.

Step 2: Select your background as PSC/Ebtedayee.

Step 3: Fill in the gap using your student id number.

Step 4: Click on submit button.


8. Sylhet Board PSC Marksheet

Thousands of students have taken part in PSC examination from Sylhet Education Board. The education board is going to declare its PSC result. Therefore the result will be published with marksheet. If you are looking for marksheet of your psc exam, then just follow the step by step process to learn how you can easily the download the marksheet of this Education Board.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select PSC/Ebtedayee.

Step 3: Input your student id number.

Step 4: Click on submit button.

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9. Mymensingh Board PSC Marksheet

Are you looking for the tutorial on how to collect marksheet of Mymensingh board? Here is the step by step process of Mymensingh Education Board. So please read the step by step process and try yourself. We hope that you can easily download your PSC marksheet of Mymensingh Board.

Step 1: At first you have to visit

Step 2: Then select PSC/Ebtedayee.

Step 3: Input your student id number in the blank space.

Step 4: And finally click on submit button.

PSC Result 2023 Kobe Dibe

According to a notification published by DPE, PSC result 2023 is going to be announced on December 24, 2023 with marksheet and detailed number. The result will be available on DPE official website after 2:00 p.m.

Before that the result will be approved by Prime Minister of Bangladesh at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. The education minister will handed over the results in brief to honorable Prime Minister.


In the result sheet, it is seen that 95% student have successfully passed the PSC exam 2023. The examination is taken under primary and Mass education.

On information, the process of collecting primary school certificate PSC result is easy. Anyone can collect the result from official website. Roll number is needed for collecting the result.

PSC Result 2023 Number

Nowadays many of us are looking for number for every particular subject. From few years Directorate of primary education has created opportunity for checking number of PSC result 2023.

But it is tricky to do the task for collecting number. You have to be technical for checking the psc result with numbers.
Do you know the method to collect the number of PSC exam 2023? Read our tutorial to learn the process.

To check your number of every subject, visit the official website of dpe. Then the result main to check your PSC result with number.

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After that take a look at your admit card. There you will find your roll number for examination. Input the number to the website and click on submit button.

And your result will appear automatically on the screen.

Grading System

Do you know how to evaluate GPA? Though it is very easy task, many of us don’t know the exact method. The process of calculating GPA is very simple. Anyone can do it, if they know some information.

Grading System
Here we are going to teach you the system. At first download your PSC Marksheet from our website. To download your marksheet, visit here. After downloading your marksheet with number, just do the steps below.

Write down all GPA in a row. Then type GPA point beside those GPA. Add all the number and divide the summation with total subject number. That’s all.

Quick Links for Checking PSC Marksheet

In order to check your psc result with marksheet, you have to visit some websites. All those websites are useful for getting PSC result with details marksheet and number sheet.

You have collected all the websites.

For your kind information, we are going to show you all the link at a place.

There is option for clicking those links as we have integrated into our articles.

You can easily navigate to those pages. We hope that you will easily collect your psc result marksheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our readers have asked us some questions. We have answered all of them. For your help, we are going to post that questions here. We hope that those questions and answers will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: When will PSC Marksheet be available in the Internet?

Answer: Marksheet of psc will be available in the internet on December 31 at 1.00 pm.

Question 2: How do I collect PSC Marksheet from Internet?

Answer: You can easily download your marksheet from internet. For that, you have to visit the official website of DPE. The website address is

Question 3: How many students have passed the PSC examination 2023?

Answer: About 24,34,530 students passed the examination.

Question 4: Who stood first in PSC Result?

Answer: Jannatul Ferdous become the Topper in PSC Result 2023.

Question 5: How to check psc marksheet by SMS?

Answer: By sending sms, you can get your marksheet. Just send a sms to 16222.

Question 6: How to collect PSC Result 2023 Marksheet?

Answer: You can easily collect your marksheet from internet. To collect your marksheet, at first visit Then click on result menu. Now select PSC/Ebtedayee result. After that input your student id number and click on submit button.

Question 7: Can I check my number of PSC Result?

Answer: Yes, you can check your obtained number.

Question 8: How to check number of PSC Result 2023?

Answer: To check your number, at first visit dpe website. On that website, you will find number checking option. Input your student id number and click on submit number. That’s all.

Question 9: Kivabe PSC result er marksheet dekhbo?

Answer: Tumi khub sohoje psc result er marksheet dekhte parbe. Ejonno tomake visit korte hobe DPE authority er official website.

Question 10: PSC Result 2023 Marksheet dekhte chai. Kivabe dekha jabe?

Answer: Amader dewa niom follow korun, taholei parbe.