PSC Result 2023 Kobe Dibe Announced Date

“PSC Result 2023 Kobe Dibe” is the most talked topic in Bangladesh right now. Millions of student have taken part in this examination which was started on November 17, 2023.

The result is going to be published on December 24, 2023. After the publication of the result, students look for PSC result 2023 with marksheet and number. Do you know how to collect PSC result 2023 marksheet? If you don’t know, then read this article.

Because in this article we will elaborately discussed this topic and we will try to answer some of the important questions related to PSC result marksheet.

PSC Result 2023 Kobe Dibe

Primary School Certificate examination is going on throughout Bangladesh with creating great excitement among students. The PSC examination is started on November 17, 2023. And the examination will be open on November 24, 2023.

This year more than 25 lakh students are taking part in the examination. And on the first day of exam, about 50,000 student are absent.

After the examination every student look for PSC result 2023 Kobe Dibe. We will update this article when we will learn the result date of PSC exam.

Now we will let you know the process on how to get marksheet and number of PSC Result.

PSC Result 2023 Marksheet

PSC result with marksheet is a hot topic in Bangladesh right now. Because PSC result is going to be published in Bangladesh. And the result can be obtained with marksheet and number.

But it is a matter of great sorrow that many of us don’t know the process of collecting PSC result 2023 marksheet. To help the student we are here to teach you the process.

The process is very easy. Anyone can check the result if they know the correct method. The process is as easy as drinking water.

Here we will discuss step by step process for collecting PSC result 2023 marksheet.

Step by Step Process

Step 1: The very first step is visiting official website of Directorate of primary education. The website address is You can use any of your internet browser. But we suggest you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When you visit the website make sure that your Browser’s JavaScript is enabled. Because without JavaScript the result page want load completely. JavaScript is needed for better user experience.

Step 2: On the website you will find option for checking psc result. In the first place you will see that you have to choose your examination year which is 2023.

Then you have to put your student identification number(Student ID). You will find it on your admit card. Type your identification number correctly. So that you don’t find other student’s result.

Then you have to put captcha code. Captcha code is set of words with letter/alphabet. Solving captcha is not a hard task. Anyone can do it if they notice it carefully.

Step 3: After completing step number 2, you have to complete step number 3. In this step you have to click on submit button to get your result.

If you done above prosedure successfully, then you find even result. The next task is you have to download or save it on your mobile phone or computer. If you wish you can print it also.

We hope that you have successfully downloaded your PSC result with marksheet. Now we are going to discuss about PSC result 2023 with number.

PSC Result 2023 Number

Directorate of Primary Education has created opportunity for checking number of PSC result 2023. But some years ago there is no opportunity for checking member. And now the era is changed! Because Bangladesh is going to be a digital country.

Now it is possible for checking number of any subject in your PSC examination 2023.