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Primary Result 2022 3rd Phase PDF Download Result 2022 PDF Download

Did you participate in the examination for the post of Primary Assistant Teacher held on June 3, 2022? If you have participated, you will be happy to know that the results of this test will be released by the Department of Primary Education this afternoon.

Even though many candidates have seen the results of this test, if you are not aware of the results, then go to the bottom of our website today and accept the good news by looking at the results of the primary third stage test. The two-stage examination of the primary examination to be held in 2022 has already been completed and the authorities are conducting vivar activities.

Finally, the third phase examination is held from 11 am to 12 noon of the month and candidates from several districts and some upazilas across the country participate in this examination. This recruitment test is going on for the recruitment of 45 thousand teachers all over the country and in order to avoid any problem in the test, the test is taken in different districts and different upazilas. Finally, with the completion of the third stage examination, the examination for the recruitment of primary assistant teachers came to an end.

Once the results of this exam are published, you will need to prepare for the viva exam when you find your roll number or know that you have passed the preliminary exam. However, looking at the results of the test, a question may arise in the minds of many that even if a candidate from the district next to you is nominated for the Viva exam with very low marks, you may not get a chance to be nominated with high marks.

The main reason for this is the quota and the number of seats in their district. However, since the results have been published and there is no possibility of changing these results, you have to consider the final result from this stomach and you have to make sure by looking at the results. We present to you the results of the examination for the post of Primary Assistant Teacher of the Department of Primary Education in the form of a PDF file when you visit our website.

So after downloading this PDF file you will see the above titles for your district based results and you will see how many candidates have been nominated in which district. Then when you find your roll number from there you will know for sure that you have been nominated for Viva exam and you need to follow the necessary steps for Viva exam.

This means that when you take the viva test, you will have to attest the required documents in advance to the specified office at the departmental level and later they will confirm the viva date to you via SMS or phone call. Although many candidates have passed the preliminary examination for the post of assistant teacher, many candidates may be dropped from the viva examination. But Rizik’s owner Creator thinks that you will try to do the best in Viva test by establishing the highest.

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