Primary Exam Question 2023 Pattern Model Question Class 5 Britti Porikkha

As it is not too late for the primary education final or scholarship exam to start, we will give you all the information about the question pattern through today’s post. If you inform the children in your home about the question pattern for appearing in the basic foundation exam, then they can prepare accordingly. For your convenience, we will provide the correct information on how to conduct the primary examination i.e. the scholarship examination which will be conducted in the year 2023 and how many marks will be accepted. By doing this, as a parent, you can inform the students about this very easily, if you inform the students about this, they can prepare mentally for the exam.

At first we came to know that in 2023 the primary education final examination will not be conducted and later the scholarship examination will be conducted. According to this notice many people want to participate in the exam and as per the instructions 10 percent students of each class will get opportunity to participate in this exam. Initially it was announced to conduct the examination of 200 marks in four main subjects, but later changes were made regarding this examination procedure. Later it was informed that a total of 100 marks will be taken in the exam on Bengali, English, Mathematics and Science subjects. So now we will tell you about the question pattern so that you can understand it.

প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষার নমুনা প্রশ্ন 2023

Primary Exam Question 2023

In the case of Bengali subject, you have to participate in the examination of 25 marks. In this case two passages will be given and you will have to answer a total of seven multiple choice questions from the passage. Moreover, eight multiple choice questions will be provided from within the Bengali book and all questions will be answered with one number.

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প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা ২০২২ ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন সমাধান

প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা ২০২২ গণিত প্রশ্ন সমাধান
প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা 2023 গণিত প্রশ্ন সমাধান
প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা ২০২২ বাংলা প্রশ্ন সমাধান
প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা 2023 বাংলা প্রশ্ন সমাধান

প্রাথমিক বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা ২০২২ বিজ্ঞান প্রশ্ন সমাধান

You will have to answer 15 marks in addition to an essay question of 10 marks as an answer to multiple choice questions. Along with answering the Bengali subject, I will tell those of you who want to know about the question pattern of the English subject that you have to answer the question of 15 marks.

পরীক্ষা ২২ এর সময়সুচি 1 1

সরকারি প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়ের পঞ্চম শ্রেণির শিক্ষার্থীদের বৃত্তি পরীক্ষা চলতি বছরের ৩০ ডিসেম্বর অনুষ্ঠিত হবে। এদিন সকাল ১১টায় উপজেলা পর্যায়ে এ পরীক্ষা অনুষ্ঠিত হবে। পরীক্ষার প্রবেশপত্র বিতরণ করা হবে ২৭ ডিসেম্বর।

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Then you have to write two paragraphs and you will get ten marks in this paragraph. For those who want to know about the question pattern of Maths, here also you have to answer 15 multiple choice questions. Moreover, two big questions have to be answered and since those questions will be in creative stream, you will get 5 marks out of two questions and get total 10 marks. For those who want to know the question pattern of science exam, you have to answer 15 marks multiple choice and 10 marks essay questions for this exam. We think that through this post you have answered all the questions and you might have got a proper idea about the question pattern.

However, in answering multiple choice questions, you will be given four options and you have to mark the correct answer. If you answer the questions incorrectly or if you choose two options in answering a question, even if it is correct, your marks will be deducted. . In this way your exam will be accepted and a specific booklet will be provided instead of a separate exam answer sheet. There you will answer multiple choice questions as well as other essay questions and in this case you have to answer them within the time allotted for the exam.