ntrca Subject & District Wise Vacant List 2023 PDF Download

According to the public notice published in 2022 by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority, those of you who want to apply as a registration holder can apply. But before applying, I would like to tell those of you who want to apply on the basis of experience after looking at the list of district-wise and subject-wise vacancies so that you can get appointed as a teacher in a particular educational institution, that information is provided on our website.

So before hiring as a teacher, it is important to look at this list of vacancies when you apply to various educational institutions easily based on the marks obtained. Because if you apply without knowing your subject and the district wise vacancy list, it will be seen that there are many applications in that district and then you will face problems in getting appointed as a teacher.

Private teacher registration and certification authorities are increasingly working at the private level to recruit teachers. According to the notification that is published for the purpose of recruiting teachers for different categories or different posts across the country, many applications are received from all over the country. So after submitting the application you can act accordingly and later you get merit list place through examination.

After the preliminary examination, the written and viva examination are conducted and the applicants attend the examinations accordingly and get the place in the merit list. Later, when the list of vacant posts across the country is calculated, the ministry publishes a public notice for the purpose of appointing those teachers.

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ntrca Subject & District Wise Vacant List 2023

And accordingly you can find a public notification on 21st of December and here we know that about 68 thousand teachers will be appointed in different categories across the country. Accordingly, when you are doing these teacher recruitment tasks or want to apply for mass notification, if your numbers are good and if there are more teachers of your subject in your area, then you will definitely get hired very quickly. Moreover, you will have many advantages in getting appointed in your own district and getting appointed in your own subject.

Moreover, when we do the teaching work, it will be better for us if it can be done from our locality and accordingly we want to be appointed ourselves. So when you want to get appointed as a teacher or apply as per mass notification then you have to provide educational institution choice and in this case you can keep 40 educational institutions in the list of choice. When you keep the choice list of the educational institutions of your own district or neighboring districts, you must know the list of vacant posts and apply there so that many teachers get appointed there and according to your number and depending on other categories you yourself get appointed.

Since all the educational institutions are being managed under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority is doing the recruitment of teachers. On 29th December, we have been informing you about the publication of this public notice and the detailed list of vacant posts, and you can know them from here. When you apply according to your subject and position and according to the idea of the educational institution, you must apply according to the advice of experienced people so that you get the job of a particular educational institution according to the marks obtained in the merit list.