JSC English Question 2018 (জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর)

Are you participating in JSC Exam 2018? If yes, then this post is very much important to you. Because in this post, we talk about JSC English Question Solution 2018. So, let’s start.

JSC English Question 2018

The Junior School Certificate, also known as JSC, is a public examination taken by students in Bangladesh after successful completion of eight years of schooling. It is followed by Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

JSC English exam is scheduled to be held on November 9, 2018. This exam was previously scheduled on November 4, 2018. But the education ministry rescheduled to new date. They didn’t say anything as reason for this decision.

This post is about

জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্নের উত্তর ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্নের সমাধান ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্নের উত্তরমালা ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন টিক উত্তর ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি নৈর্ব্যক্তিক প্রশ্নের উত্তর ২০১৮

জেএসসি ইংরেজি নৈর্ব্যক্তিক প্রশ্নের সমাধান ২০১৮

JSC English Question 2018 (জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন)

JSC English question is very hard for students. They find it very difficult. And this is because they fear English. There are 100 marks on English. Students have to answer all the question to obtain good marks in English. Here is your English question.

JSC Math Question Solution 2018 (জেএসসি গণিত প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর)

Question paper will be available after English Examination. So, please wait…

JSC English Question Solution

JSC English Question Solution 2018 (জেএসসি ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন উত্তর)

Do you need JSC English Question Solution? Then, this post is for you. We have solved English question. We tried our best for providing you the correct answers. But there may be some mistakes. If you find any mistake, then please comment below the correct answer. Thank you.

English Question Solve 2018

Junior School Certificate Examination 2018

Set – 01 ধূমকেতু

Subject Code: 107

Question 1.

a) The word ‘gypsy’ means __

I) Nomad https://suggestionquestion.com

b) River gypsies live in __

iii) roaming boats and tents

c) The word ‘relaxing’ means __

I) feeling easy and careless

d) The river gypsies live https://suggestionquestion.com outside their boats for about __ months a year.

iii) eight

e) Men catches snakes and ___ people.

I) amuse

f) It is the ___ of many villagers that gypsies have special power.

ii) belief

g) The term ‘ethnic’ is connected with ___

I) people

Question 3.

Fifteen year old Shamima’s dreams were nipped in the bud. Her father wanted to

marry her a) off

Marrying off b) of

against the c) law

want to d) be

paid any e) heed

Question 4. Complete the table below with the appropriate information given in the above passage.

I) December 31, 1911

ii) Received

iii) Dhaka


v) 1979

Question 5. True & False

a) True

b) False

c) True

d) False

e) True

Question 6. Fill in the blanks using the clues given in the boxes.

a) education

b) learn

c) natural

d) abroad

e) traveller

f) countries

g) learnt

h) long

I) domain

j) through

Question 7. Fill in the gaps using appropriate words to make meaningful text.

a) read

b) land

c) hired

d) work

e) happy

Question 8. Match the part of sentences from Column A and B to make five complete sentences.

a) + v

b) + iii

c) + I

d) + ii

e) + iv

Question 9. Fill in the gaps with changing form of root word.

a) fighter

b) bravely

https://suggestionquestion.com c) dedication

d) inspiration

e) immortal

f) independence

g) massive

h) courageous

I) dishonour

j) automatically

https://suggestionquestion.com Question 10. Articles

a) x

b) a

c) x

d) a

e) the

f) x

g) x

h) x

I) an

j) the

দয়া করে অপেক্ষা করুন, আমরা উত্তর লিখছি। ধন্যবাদ

JSC English Question Solution will be available here after sometimes of English exam. Please be patient. Thank you.

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JSC English Question 2018 All Board

As you know that this year the JSC exam was taken in common question paper. All the students of Bangladesh gave the examination in a question. We have managed JSC math question 2019 of all education board.

JSC Question 2019 Dhaka Board

JSC Question 2019 Rajshahi Board

JSC Question 2019 Chattagram Board

JSC Question 2019 Khulna Board

JSC Question 2019 Sylhet Board

JSC Question 2019 Jessore Board

JSC Question 2019 Rangpur Board

JSC Question 2019 Barisal Board

JSC Question 2019 Dinajpur Board

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JSC Math Question Solution 2018 (জেএসসি গণিত প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর)

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