NSI Field Officer (FO) MCQ Question Solution 2023 Today Exam

On our website you will find the solution to the questions of the field officer examination held by NSI. For those who participated in and finished the 2023 NSI Field Officer Examination, our website provides solutions to each category of questions. In the solution of the question given on our website, you will be able to find the answers to all the questions perfectly and you will be able to know which question you have corrected and which question you have answered incorrectly.

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So after participating in the test, at the end of the test, when you think about how many marks you can get in the test, the field officer will help you to solve the question. So if you want to know how you took the exam and how much more preparation you need to take for the exam later, be sure to check out the NSI Field Officer exam question solution and make sure how many marks you can get in the exam. Below is the solution of the question 2023 intended for all the candidates appearing for the post of Field Officer of NSI.

NSI Question Solution 2023

In early 2023, the NSI issued a circular for the appointment of various posts. Different types of requirements for each post were mentioned in that circular. Candidates who participated in the post of Field Officer in 2023 must know that candidates from all districts of Bangladesh had the opportunity to apply for this post.

Nsi Field Staff Mcq Question Solution 2023 June 16, 2023

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The number was mentioned in the case of appointment to this post and the circular mentioned that a total of 79 people will be appointed to this post. On that basis, more than one lakh candidates from all over Bangladesh often apply and participate in the exams to be held on the scheduled day.

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The test starts at the appropriate time. That means the test starts at 3:30 pm on Friday, October 8th. The one-hour test ends at 4:30 p.m. The test question paper had a total of 80 questions and the value of each question was 1.25. In other words, the examinees like to answer multiple choice questions of 100 marks.

NSI FO Question Solution 2023

Candidates participate in the examination regularly and they complete the examination in compliance with the hygiene rules. Therefore, on October 8, a large number of students from all over the country came to different centers of Dhaka city to take part in the examination for the post of NSI’s Field Officer.

The question paper for the Field Officer Examination of NSI was prepared by the Institute of Business Studies, Dhaka University. Those who have graduated or passed the equivalent examination have been able to apply for this position. Many students apply for this job on the tenth grade salary scale. So every year there is a lot of competition for the examination of different posts of NSI. Thousands of students participated against one seat.

NSI Field Officer Question Solution Today 2023

However, many candidates are absent for the 2023 Field Officer Examination and many participate in the examination from the present as per the rules. On the occasion of the commencement of the examination, they arrived at the examination center at three o’clock and were given question papers at 3:30.

For the examination for the post of Field Officer, they were given multiple choice questions from Bengali, English, General Knowledge, Science and Computer subjects. Since the exam is over, every examinee wants to know how many marks they can get in the exam and which ones are wrong. Because there are some confusing questions in the test center that a test taker knowingly leaves by mistake.

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Moreover, the correct answer to many questions is not given in the option because the examinees can not answer correctly. In this case a confusion may be created. So those who have done well in the exam or were very confused about the exam must check the solution of the exam question paper for the post of field officer given on our website. If you think your test is bad then you must prepare better for the next test. Good luck to all.