NSI Field Staff Result 2023 প্রকাশিত NSI FS Exam Result Download Link June 16, 2023

You will find the results of NSI Field Officer Examination 2023 on our website. Those who participated in the test on October 8, 2023 and are interested to see the results after the test, can see the results of the position of Field Officer of the National Intelligence Security Agency from our website.

First, the National Security Intelligence Authority prepares these results and publishes them for the purpose of the examinees. We have collected from there and arranged to show these results to you. So if you want to get the results of the position of Field Officer of the National Intelligence Security Agency, go to the bottom of our website and download this result PDF file from there. The names of the candidates who have done relatively well have come up in the merit list.

NSI Result 2023

If you want to find the results of the prelim examination for the post of field officer of the National Intelligence Security Agency, search according to the roll number. This roll number has been published in the PDF file for the students who got the highest marks in the prelims and they will be able to participate in the return test later. So take a look at the results and make sure. At the same time, start preparing for the return test.

NSI Field Staff Result 2023 Published Date

The National Intelligence Security Agency of Bangladesh (NSI) is a directorate under the Prime Minister’s Office. The prescribed number of candidates are recruited in NSI every year. On that basis, NSI issued a circular in early 2023 and in this circular, a certain number of qualified candidates have the opportunity to apply for different posts.

NSI Field Staff Result 2023

NSI Office Assistant & Office Sohayok Result 2023

NSI Field Staff Result 2023

All these candidates apply online in a timely manner. After their application process is completed, we have a few months to prepare. The first examination of NSI started from 11th September and successively one examination of each post was held on every Friday of the week at various examination centers in Dhaka. Candidates appear at the examination center on time and regularly for this examination to be held.

They take part in the test at 3:30 in the afternoon and they finish the one hour test at 4:30 in the afternoon. A total of 80 multiple-choice questions were provided in this one-hour competitive exam.

NSI Field Officer Result 2023 PDF

Candidates have to participate in this test with a value of 1.25 for each question and a total of 100 marks. The question papers that the examinees get in the examination center provide 20 questions in Bengali, 20 questions in English, 20 questions in general knowledge and 20 questions in mathematics.

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As the post of NSI Field Officer was held, the examination question paper was prepared by the Arts Faculty of Dhaka University. Examiners try to answer the most accurate questions according to their preparation.

However, many candidates try to answer the question at the test center and at the end of the test they become very confused. For that purpose, our website has provided a solution to the question of NSI field officer post.

Any 79 people will be recruited for the post of NSI Field Officer in 2023. However, the general public and the youth of Bangladesh have shown a lot of interest in getting a job under the National Intelligence Security Agency. So those who passed the graduation or equivalent examination can apply for this examination. Moreover, those who will be finally appointed as field officers will have to be computer literate and in that case you may have a practical test. You will have all kinds of preparations for that.

NSI Field Result 2023 PDF Download Link

And all the candidates whose names have come up in the results of the prelim examination for the post of NSI Field Officer, must prepare for the return examination. So for all the candidates who have been working hard for the NSI Field Officer Examination so far and have tried to answer all the questions in the exam correctly, good luck from our website. So be sure to check the results from our website for the next step.