Narsingdi Govt Girls High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Considering the current situation in Corona and taking the admission test, the Government School Admission Authority will provide admission to the students through lottery instead of the admission test as it may increase the health risk of the students. So those of you who were studying regularly for the new class of 2022 and prepared yourself for the admission test, just apply online.

Because your admission test will not be held and you will not be given the opportunity to be admitted this time through the admission test. Depending on the fate, the students will be able to get admission in the schools located in their area.

This is because if the admission test is taken within the corona situation then there can be many kinds of problems and this will increase the health risk of the soft-spoken students. So if you have decided to enroll your child in the new class of 2022, then just complete the application for them online and this application can be done on the official website of the government school admission.

The most important information you need to provide when you apply for your students by visiting the Government School Admissions website is the student’s birth registration number, parent’s national identity card number and the student’s recent photograph.

When you provide all this information, the application for the student will be completed and when you select the student class, the schools in the mentioned class which have been given the opportunity of admission will be on the list of preference. You will be charged for admission to a total of five schools from all schools. After completing the initial application, a separate user ID will be provided for each student and to get this user ID, you must download a copy of the application.

Moreover, you have to keep a copy of the application in your collection and the details of money payment are given in this copy of the application. Knowing the details of money payment, you can submit a total application fee of Tk 110 for five schools through Teletalk SIM Recharge.

Narsingdi Govt Girls High School Admission Result

You have done well by visiting our website to know the results of Narsingdi Government Girls High School and today I will tell you how you can know the lottery admission results of Narsingdi Government Girls High School. To find out this result you need to use the student’s user ID and PIN number.

You will receive these two pieces of information through the student’s online copy and SMS and you will see the results using this medium. If your child is eligible for admission in Narsingdi Government Girls High School 2022, then you must complete this admission process by fulfilling the conditions of the school.

Narsingdi Govt Girls High School Info

Narsingdi Government Girls High School is a significant educational institution for girls. Narsingdi Government Girls High School was established in 1934 AD and the educational institution is progressing in the post-war period. This educational institution is regularly taught in the classroom. If the students can study here, they will be able to achieve good results every year and various co-educational activities are organized in this educational institution for the development of the talents of the students.