Chittagong Govt Muslim High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Those of you who live in Chittagong district should know that new steps have been taken for admission in 2022. In every school where students were given admission through admission test, students will be given admission through lottery. However, those who will apply by visiting the official website of Government School Admission are getting the opportunity to participate in the admission process through this lottery.

So the people of Chittagong have ample opportunity to get admission in the new class of 2022 and in this admission process a weak student or one whose preparation is not very good can participate and luckily get a chance.

You know that there are many educational institutions in Chittagong and every educational institution is of very high quality. So when you decide to apply for admission in Chittagong Government Muslim High School, you must have four more schools on your list of preference when you apply. When completed, submit an application fee of Rs. 110 / – as application fee.

Chittagong Govt Muslim High School Admission Result

Those who have applied for admission in Chittagong Government Muslim High School and are waiting for the results should know that these results will be published very soon. According to the information of Government School Admission, these results are to be published on the 15th of December and you will see this website on the scheduled day when the results are published.

To view this result, collect the user ID and PIN number from the copy of the application that you received at the time of application and received the SMS, then use the result.

Chittagong Govt Muslim High School Info

Chittagong Government Muslim High School was established in 1909 in Kotwali Police Station, Chittagong. It has been almost 100 years since the establishment of this educational institution and at present every year this educational institution is ahead in various examinations in terms of education.

About two and a half thousand students of Chittagong Government Muslim High School are getting opportunity to study in sufficient number of classrooms and this educational institution has sufficient number of teachers for the students. The various facilities of the educational institution make a student interested for admission in this school. So every year thousands of applications are received for admission in Chittagong Muslim Government High School.

Madam Ayesha Khatun is currently the head teacher of Chittagong Government Muslim High School. Chittagong Government Muslim High School has an official website and all kinds of information is updated on this official website.

So a student can collect all kinds of information from the official website even if he is not present in the school and various types of digital media are being used in the educational institution so that the students can easily master the subjects of study. Chittagong Muslim Government High School has ample space and students can study here in a very comfortable way.