Narayanganj High School and College Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

The Government School Admission Authority has issued an admission notice for admission in public and private educational institutions across the country and according to this admission notice, students are urged to apply in time for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022.

So those of you who live in Narayanganj district and would like to arrange for your child to study at a reputed educational institution, you must apply online, namely, between 25th November to 8th December. You have applied for admission in the new class of Narayanganj Government High School and College Institution 2022 and according to this application a lottery will be held according to your application.

So for the purpose of enrolling your child in a new class, enter the website of Government School Admission and provide all the information of the student as well as specify the class in which you want to enroll the students and you select Narayanganj district instead of district. Then according to the class of students you will get Narayanganj High School and College in the suggest list and apply by putting this school and four other schools in the list of choice.

Since the admission test is not being held, those who are not prepared for the admission test due to low preparation or preparation, can apply to Narayanganj High School & College. Wait for the results.

Narayanganj High School and College Admission Result

The results of Narayanganj High School and College will be released on 15th December and these results will be prepared by the Government School Admission Authority through lottery. To view the results on the scheduled day, you have to go to the option to view the result with the user ID and PIN number that you got for the student’s application and fill in the information, then the result will be displayed and you can be sure whether there is a chance in Narayanganj High School and College.

However, after the results are published, many people may fail to see the results due to high pressure on the server and in this case you must be patient and try again to see the results.

Narayanganj High School and College Info

Narayanganj High School and College is an old educational institution and the same educational institution was established in 1885 in Kalir Bazar area of ​​Narayanganj. At present, the academy has about 120 staff members who are always engaged in the supervision of the students and provide assistance to the students in any need.

About 3 thousand students are studying regularly in the easy educational institution for boys and girls. In addition to co-educational activities, various sports are organized in this educational institution and it keeps the health and mind of the students happy. This educational institution is a significant educational institution for the development of talent and thinking of a student if the student can make proper use of the facilities of this educational institution. So feel free to apply online in 2021 and complete the admission process in 2022.

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Govt School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download

Govt School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF 2021