Narinda Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

If you want to take admission in 2023 of Narinda Government High School located in Dhaka, you must first read the details of the admission notification given on our website. Once you have read the admission notice, you will be able to understand how many dates you will have to apply and what information you will need to provide in case of application within this period. Those who want to apply for admission in Narinda Government Boys High School should visit the GSA Teletalk com BD website and provide all the information that the student has been asked to provide.

However, the first thing you need to keep in mind is whether your student is eligible for admission in Narinda Government High School and whether he can apply according to his age and admission class. If you can understand all these things then be sure to provide all the information of Narinda Government Boys High School student, provide information of his parents and upload the newly taken picture. Once all the information of the student has been provided a unique user ID will be available and application fee has to be paid on this user ID. Detailed information on how to pay the application fee and how much to pay is mentioned in the admission notice.

Narinda Govt High School Admission Result

Those who have completed the application and payment of Narinda Government High School admission application and are waiting for the result will be informed in detail about this result today. The results will be released on December 15 for those of you who have applied for four more schools, including Narinda Government High School.

The results of all the public and private educational institutions across the country participating in the admission process through lottery under the Government School Admission Authority will be published on the stipulated day and the results will be displayed on a designated website.

In case of website address, go to the address of the application from where you have applied, give the option of result, login the student’s user ID and PIN number and see the result. In order to get the chance of student according to the result, you must complete all the activities subject to school conditions and complete the admission of the student.

Narinda Govt High School Info

Narinda Government High School is a secondary level educational institution located in Dhaka. Narinda Government High School was established in 1963 AD. The academy admits students in new classes every year through admission test. At present students can study in two shifts in this educational institution.

At present, students of class I to X are able to study regularly in the educational institutions under Dhaka Education Board. In this educational institution a head teacher and other teachers are always providing assurance to the students in various aspects of their studies and through regular lessons the students are becoming active towards learning.

Not only regular lessons are given in this educational institution but also various co-educational activities are arranged for the development of the talents of the students. By participating in various co-educational activities in this educational institution, the students can easily develop their talents and develop themselves as a tool of direction in the future.

This educational institution is currently able to achieve good results in annual examinations including board examinations every year. So apply online within the stipulated time for your child to be admitted to Narinda Government High School.