HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2019

HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2019

Hey everyone, looking for HSC English Second Paper Suggestion? Suggestionquestion.com brings an exclusive English 2nd paper suggestion for you. This post is about HSC English Second Paper Suggestion.

HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2019

The Higher Secondary Certificate, also known as HSC or Intermediate or +2 examination, is a public examination taken by students of Intermediate college (Junior college) in Bangladesh. The examination structure differs from board to board. But in most of the boards, they are subjective examinations. Source: Wikipedia

English 2nd paper is an important subject. It is a hard subject too. But you can make good result in English Second Paper. Follow our English suggestion for HSC Exam 2019.

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

Formal Letters (Q-13)

a) To the Principal:

To provide sound-system for large class room

For common room facilities

For permission to go on a study tour and financial help

For setting up a debating club/computer club/science club/literary club

For permission to stage a drama

For library facilities

For testimonial/transfer certificate

b) To D.C./U.N.O./Chairman:

To repair a road/to provide street-light/for a bridge

To open a relief camp/to provide relief goods for flood affected people

c) Job Application/CV:

For the post of Accountant/Junior Officer/Librarian/English Teacher/Chief Executive Officer

Report Writing (Q-14)

On the cultural week/the prize giving ceremony/fresher reception of your college

On the celebration of victory day/Pahela Baishakh/international mother language day

On a horrible road-accident/massive fire in a factory/an earth quake

On a local book-fair/village fair

On the consequences of drug-addiction

On the rising of prices of essential commodities

On load-shedding/traffic jam/Hartal

HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2019

Paragraphs (Q-15):

Garment Industries in Bangladesh.

A street Accident.

International Mother Language Day.

The Victory Day

Environmental Pollution (Water/Air/Sound)

Climate Change/Green House Effect

Dowry System/Gender Discrimination

Traffic Jam/Load Shedding

Drug Addiction/Smoking

The Curse of Early Marriage

Eve-Teasing/Acid Throwing

Your College Library

A College Magazine

Your Visit to a Special Place (Book Fair/Trade Fair/Historical Place).

Physical Exercise

Computer/Mobile Phone/Internet

Importance of learning English

[১ম পত্রের যে কোনো Paragraph ২য় পত্রে অথবা ২য় পত্রের যে কোনো Paragraph ১ম পত্রে আসতেপারে।]

HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2019

Compositions (Q-16):

Female Education

Impact of Deforestation

The Season you like most

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Wonders of Modern Science

Natural Calamities of Bangladesh

Your Childhood Memories

Modern Technology and Globalization


Corruption is a Curse.

Your Visit to a Historical Place/Your Recent Journey.

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Use and Abuse of Satellite Channels

Dangers of Drug Addiction

Digital Bangladesh

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