Honours 4th Year Exam Routine 2022 PDF Published for Session 2017-18

Today, 24th November, the examination routine from the National University for honors fourth year students has been published. For those who are confused about the date of the exam, start preparing for the exam by looking at today’s routine. Moreover, those of you who have not seen this routine yet and do not know when the test will start will understand when you show this routine from our website.

For your convenience, on our website, honors have been given to the fourth year students with this routine and you can download this routine in a very easy way. To download the routine go to the bottom of our website and from there download the routine and special exam routine of Honours 4th year of 2020 completely free.

NU Honours 4th Year Exam 2021

Badruzzaman Sir, Controller of Examinations from National University, published this routine this afternoon. This routine is available in different places after publication. However there are many students who could not collect this routine. So as soon as you show the routine, you will understand which days the exam will be held according to your subject.

According to the regular and special examination routine of the first year of honors, the examination will start on 29th December. Other days the exams start at 1pm but the fourth year exams will start at 9am. After the commencement of this examination, the students have to be present at the examination center following proper hygiene rules. Moreover, those who want to know the last date of the exam should know that your exam will be completed on the 2nd of February.

So you can see the routine to find out which subjects have exams within the mentioned time. If you want, you can share a routine among your friends on all the subjects that can be studied in the first year of honors under the National University. That is why all the subjects are mentioned in the routine and you will become more active and prepare for the exam as soon as you see this routine. Many students at the National University’s 2020 Honours Fourth Year had different ideas about regular and special exams and about exam dates.

They thought their test might start in February. Eventually the National University decided to publish this routine and many of the students became worried after seeing this routine. Because they are not mentally ready to take such a short time to prepare. Even then, since the routine has been published, you will be tested according to this routine. According to the routine, you can see which days your subject has exams. Then you can prepare yourself for the test accordingly. Moreover, before the examination starts, you should contact your college department and collect the admission form.

PDF Download Method

On the day of the test you will arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes earlier and will be present at the test center following proper hygiene rules. Moreover, you will contact the department and find out about the fourth year viva test which will be held from there. So I wish you all the best in the fourth year honors exam and you pass this exam.Wtzsv3U

Because in other years, if you fail or improve on a subject, then there is an opportunity to test that subject. But if the fourth year exam is actually improv or unsuccessful, you will completely lose one year. So keep the mentality of getting good results in the fourth year without keeping the mentality like other years and take maximum preparation in this one month before the exam.

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