Honours 1st Year Suggestion 2023 National University

Today, on our website, all the honours courses of the colleges under the National University are given to the students of all the colleges according to their code and according to the subject with every suggestion. Those of you who want to get important suggestions before the exam and want to take short time preparation using the right time can feel free to follow the suggestions on our website. If you follow this suggestion on our website, you will be able to pass the exam and get good results. Moreover, to be an honours first year student, you have no idea about the honours exam.

You have to have an idea about what it will be like in this four hour test, if you write the answer to the question, you can get maximum marks and how to get good marks by answering a question by convincing sirs. Since you have come to our website, you can collect suggestions from here according to your course and subject in PDF file format. Then prepare for the exam by applying the time you have before the exam properly. Since there is very little after the suggestion, you can read these things with confidence in a short time.

BBA Honours 1st Year Suggestion

Generally all the students who have studied Commerce in HSC come to various colleges under the National University to get BBA degree in Honours. To get a BBA degree, students have to study privately, no matter what the honours subject. Moreover, because there are some math chapters here, you have to read and practice the maths again and again before the exam.

You can also follow the suggestions on our website to know which chapters are important and which are less important. Moreover, if you read the question given by the suggestion seriously, then it will be possible to get good result in the test.

BSS Honours 1st Year Suggestion

A notable faculty under the National University is the Faculty of Social Sciences. Honours can be done in other subjects including Political Science, Economic, Social Work, Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences. Those who do honours in these subjects usually do not study much at different times of the year.

Moreover, if you can write all the subjects under BSS degree in the form of points in the exam and you can name the points correctly, then the highest marks can be achieved. From our website you can collect suggestions on all the subjects under BSS degree and if you memorize all the points of those questions, you will not be able to write in the exam.

BA Honours 1st Year Suggestion

This degree can be obtained in all the subjects of linguistics under BA degree under the National University. If you do BA Honours then you need to read about literature. In this case, if you read each chapter seriously, you can get good marks in the exam and if you write the answer to the question with your own experience, the teachers will be happy and give you the highest marks.

Moreover, it is possible to get good marks in the history and culture of Islam and history subjects only if you can answer every incident in the examination book skilfully.

BSC Honours 1st Year Suggestion

Generally, students who have passed HSC from the science department are admitted to BSc degree to study in different colleges of the national university. Honours degrees in various disciplines of science can be obtained here.

Because these subjects are very difficult, all the examinees start preparing before the exam. Even then, suggestions have been given on our website so that all the students who did not read much before the exam can pass. Thanks everyone.