Dutch Bangla Bank SSC Scholarship Result 2021 Published by DBBL [Download from]

Every year the Dutch-Bangla Bank Foundation takes a groundbreaking step towards providing scholarships to all the meritorious indigent students across the country. Through this scholarship of Dutch Bangla Bank many students of the country are able to continue their studies and with the money of this scholarship they are able to complete their education at other level including graduation.

It is a very good initiative of Dutch-Bangla Bank to take this step so that one’s education is not stopped due to financial difficulties. However, in order to get this scholarship, a student has to get the prescribed amount of GPA.

For that the result of the student’s SSC level examination must be very good. Therefore, almost everyone who has passed GPA 5 in 2021 SSC examination has applied for the scholarship of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. on the occasion of the publication of this result in 2021.

Students who have applied for this scholarship may be waiting for the results. So we will provide important information about the publication of these results on our website today and when the results are published on our website we will provide the list of names of the students who have been initially selected in the form of PDF files.

Dutch Bangla Bank SSC Scholarship Result 2021

Students who have passed the SSC exam of 2021, according to their results, have completed the online application for the 2022 scholarship of Dutch Bangla Bank. They make this application by providing all kinds of accurate information online from 3rd to 8th of January. Students will have to go through a few steps once the application is completed. Those of you who have applied and are awaiting the results should know that the results of your application which will be published will be considered as the result of the initial application.

Students who have the opportunity of initial application should contact the nearest Mobile Banking office or the branch office of Dutch Bangla Bank along with the required documents and parents as per the guidelines shown by Dutch Bangla Bank. By providing all kinds of information there you will wait for the final result. As soon as the final result is published, you will have to go to Dhaka for the purpose of awarding the award letter.

However, for those who are waiting for the result, the result of the initial application will be published on the 10th of February. So since you have applied, wait till you get the result and as soon as the result is published, it will be given on our website with its PDF file. From that pdf file you will know your name and serial number. Contact Bangla Bank Limited. Moreover, the students who get the opportunity of initial application will be informed through SMS.

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  1. Assalamualaikum,,Ami SSC 2018 datch Bangla scholarship peyesilam.oikhane Likha silo HSC 2020 vlo result korle amake ograodikar deya Hobe but HSC 2020 to auto pass akhn ki Ami datch Bangla scholarship circular dile apply Korte parbo? Plz janaben

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