Degree 1st Year Exam Routine 2022 PDF Published by NU Authority

Students who have been waiting for a long time for a degree pass and certificate course examination routine will be able to collect their first year routine today. If you are a first year student of degree pass and certificate course then you must collect this routine from our website before the exam.

Because it is very important to prepare in the time you will get in the moment before the exam and it is your mentality that you can study well and give yourself beautiful results. So go to the bottom of our website and download the exam pass routine of degree pass and certificate course first year and start studying accordingly.

Examinations for Degree Pass and Certificate students who are studying in the first year will start from 30th December. The first three examinations will be held on the subject of the history of independent Bangladesh. After the examinations are held, the examinations in Science, Arts and Commerce will be conducted on a regular basis. So no matter from which department you have participated in the examination of degree pass and certificate course, you can know all the deadlines by collecting this routine. Moreover, your exam will end on January 29, 2022.

The test will start at 1 pm every day and will end 4 hours later. After publishing this test routine, many students will become interested in reading. This is because examination routine is an important subject and many students cannot concentrate on their studies without examination routine. However, in the case of exams, you are getting a total of about a month. If you can use it in the mentioned time then it will be possible to achieve good results with achievement.

So as a student you must be aware of reading and try to cover the syllabus by reading before regular exams. You will calculate the day on which the exam will be held and consider how much time you have for the next exam. It is usually seen that more days are given before difficult exams. The syllabus has to be covered through hard work. Moreover, those who have not studied much before, now keep this time in study. Because you will get better results through your reading and writing.

Moreover, you should study hard all the subjects that have weaknesses. Badruzzaman Sir, Controller of Examinations, National University, published the routine of the first year of Degree Pass and Certificate Course. So you will be present at the educational institution just before the exam and from there you will collect the admission card for the exam.

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Moreover, you are old enough now and you know very well how to prepare for difficult and easy exams. So for your own good and to put a smile on the face of your parents, you should prepare for the first year degree pass and certificate course. For your convenience, our website provides important suggestions for first year students. Those who want to read a little shortcut must follow this suggestion.

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