JSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download Class 8 Exam

JSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download Class 8 Exam

The annual examination will be held for the eighth class students of 2021 without JSC examination. Candidates who are studying in 8th class must download the newly prepared syllabus for the exam from our website. Our website provides the short syllabus prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board for the eighth graders.

Since you have to prepare for the exam before the exam, it is possible to get good results in the exam if you collect the short syllabus in advance and practice the chapters of the short syllabus regularly. So go to the bottom of our website to download the PDF file of the eighth grade short syllabus.

Short Syllabus for 8th Class 2021 BD

JSC examinations are held for the eighth grade students at the beginning of November every year. But the JSC examination of 2021 will not be held due to non-operation of the educational institution. Because of the situation in Bangladesh for a long time, the students could not attend the classroom and they are very ignorant about the textbook.

So thinking about the examinees, JSC examination will not be held this year. However, the candidates must participate in the annual examination and pass the next class through the annual examination. Since the educational institution has been open since September 12, it has not been long since the educational institution opened.

In this case students will not be able to put on top of the full book. Students must participate in the examination above the short syllabus. So at the bottom of our website is given a short syllabus intended for students.

Class 8 Syllabus 2021 BD

We know that every secondary level examinee has a score of 100. But in 2021, students in grades seven through nine will have their 50th test. Since the students’ textbooks have not been finished since they were present in the classroom, many of them do not get bad results as they will take exams on top of the whole textbooks. So the National Curriculum and Textbook Board has decided that students will take the 50-mark exam.

They will take 50 marks in English, Bengali and Mathematics. In the case of Bengali and Mathematics, the answer to the written question No. 32 and the multiple choice question No. 15 have to be given. Moreover, you have to answer 30 marks from English first paper and 20 marks from English second paper in the exam. As the number of exams has been reduced, the number of questions has been reduced. So now you need to know from which chapters of this 50 number test book will be taken.

Class 8 Syllabus Bangladesh

Although the JSC examination was supposed to be held on top of the prescribed syllabus for the eighth class candidates every year, it has changed a bit in 2021. Questions will be made on the prescribed topics of some of the books considering the overall situation of the country and considering the reading of the students.

They have to participate in the annual examination on top of Bengali, English and Mathematics i.e. three subjects. Since the test number 50 is being held, the number of topics will be reduced. So, first of all, you should know which topics of the eighth grade short syllabus have been mentioned and from which topics the test questions will be prepared.

Syllabus of Class 8 2021

In the past years, every topic in eighth grade books was syllabus. But in 2021, exams will be taken on certain topics without taking exams from the whole book. Moreover, only Bengali, English and Mathematics subjects will be taken without taking other subjects in class VIII.

So first of all you have to collect the short syllabus of 8th class from our website. Then it was short that there are some topics mentioned at home, those topics will be read regularly at home. Then your eighth grade annual exam will be very good and you will get a chance to pass the next class with good marks.