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An official website from the Ministry of Education is conducting all the activities for admission in class XI in the academic year 2021-22. The good news is that those who have already passed the SSC examination have applied for admission in government colleges from January 8 to 15 and are waiting for the results after the initial application. Many people do not know which website to look at this result and how to look at it, so today we have discussed this in detail on our website and if you read this post, you will understand how to go where this result can be seen effectively.

To view your results, first go to Google Chrome browser and search by typing, this website will appear first and they will enter there. View results are capitalized on the homepage of the website and you can go to the result viewing room by clicking there.


To view the results, students will need the roll number and registration number of the SSC exam and select the board of education under which the student participated in the exam. Then the result will be displayed only if the verification code of 5 digits given below sits properly and clicks on the submit button. Since there is no problem with the server after the results are published, you can quickly see the results with one click.

By looking at the results, if you can understand that you have been informed of the congress and the results of being nominated for the college to be admitted have been published, then you can see and understand the result. If in any case you do not get the opportunity to get admission in the college of your choice and you do not want to get admission in the college you have been selected for admission, then you have the opportunity to migrate. However, if you want to migrate, you do not have to confirm the admission.

If you want to migrate then you have to use another method and detailed information about this method is given on the website. And if you want to be admitted in this college then you must confirm the admission for admission in this college and in this case you have to pay 228 taka excluding bank charge to the prescribed operator as per the rules shown in the website.

I hope you understand how you should look at the results and by looking at these results in an effective way you will know which college you have been selected for admission. After participating in the SSC exams in 2021, the students waited for the results and within a few days after the results were published, the admission notification was published to start the admission process in class XI.

Accordingly, the students complete the initial application and a first merit list is prepared on the basis of the GPA obtained by the students in the initial application and this first merit list is published today 29th January and the students are informed about the results of their initial admission.

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