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At present official website has been developed under Ministry of Lands to provide land related services. The importance of this website is immense as people are getting various services related to land very easily through the official website. Through this website, we are coming in different ways and can make different types of applications based on online, nowadays the kind of land brokerage activities that were going on in the past have stopped.

www land gov com bd

Therefore, through this official website related to land services managed under the Ministry of Land, you can receive various types of land related services in your daily life. So using this link provided towards the title above you go to the official website and follow all the steps to perform your required task.

Apart from conducting various official activities on the web site, a site called Citizens’ Corner has been created. Based on the khatian prepared by conducting government land survey at various times in the past we can collect different types of papers. By collecting this stage through online we can know various types of Mauza specific information and based on that information we can easily search different land maps. Where one had to go to the land office day after day to search for various documents, due to the introduction of this system through online, they are available very easily instead of paying a little at home.

www land.gov.bd

www.land.gov.bd 2023

In the past, people could transfer their ownership from one land ownership to another or sell land very easily without any documents. Transfer of ownership became easier as such ownership continued, there were various complications related to payment of land rent and paperwork related to land ownership. Therefore, by introducing the system in the matter of cancellation or registration through online, the brokerage or corruption of the land office which was increasing has been reduced to a great extent. So when you want to issue name through online then you can complete this name issue for only 1170 rupees.

That is, you can establish land ownership or land ownership in your own name on the basis of registration through the official website mentioned above. Moreover, you can search this information by going to Citizen corner option depending on different types of Khatian to find the ownership of any land very easily. By visiting this official website you can collect information about land ownership, land type, land mark number etc. by using Khatian number. Also various types of land related services are available here and to avail these services you must visit this official website managed under Ministry of Lands.

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As various kinds of problems related to khatian happen to people, the type of miscarriage case that you do for khatian can be applied here. Please accept the service from here as this service is being provided through online in order to prevent land related problems in daily life and to establish the ownership of every land owner. Through this official website managed under the Ministry of Lands, you can legally do every job in receiving various services. And for that, we certainly applaud the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for providing you with the opportunity to manage various types of government office work through the website.