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The Ministry of Education has issued a notice for all types of data entry with the aim of creating unique IDs for students. According to the notice, every educational institution computer operator has to provide all kinds of information to the students and in this case the time limit for providing information has been mentioned. So those of you who are going to get the Student Unique ID Registration Link can collect it from our website today and find out how to enter a student’s data by inputting the information here.

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Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics Kartik In fact, under the daily project, all kinds of information of students are being collected and such information is very important for creating unique IDs of students. All kinds of information is being collected from the educational institutions for the purpose of creating unique IDs for the students of class VI to class XII under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education.

For this purpose, all the information has to be input by entering the website scheduled by Banbase from 17th January to 16th February. Below is a link to our website to input that data and by clicking on this link you will be able to finish the work you need. The website link is

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After entering this website, you will input data according to the prescribed rules. However, first of all, I would like to say to you that at present, by clicking on the above mentioned link, many of you are not able to work due to problems on the website. In that case you have to be patient and once the maintenance work of the mentioned website is completed, you will be able to create a unique ID from then on.

So in this case, do not rush and have enough time to create a unique ID, so you should work slowly. Moreover, through the updated information of our website, you can access this website and create the unique ID of the students again. If you enter this link above shared on our website for you, you can go to the login page of CRVS and go there, login with the number that the educational institution has EIIN number and enter a given password.

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In the next step, in case you input data, type admin before data type. After writing the admin will give the EIIN number of the educational institution from which the data is being input. Then use a password. In case of using password you can give password as per your convenience.

Moreover, there is a special issue in entering Unique Idea data that the parent of the student must give 17 digits while entering the number of the birth registration certificate. If somehow that birth registration number is 13 digits then attach the four digit birth year with it first. Thank you all.

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