bpsc 44th BCS Question Solution 2023 bpsc.gov.bd Preliminary MCQ Solve Bangla, English, Math, GK with Explanation

The 44th BCS Preliminary Examination was held on 27th May today. After taking this test, many candidates will want to know that if they can see the answer sheet of this test, it will be easy to know how many marks can come up.

So we will talk to you today on our website with the correct solution of the complete question paper of the 44th BCS exam. We know that an examinee is not proficient in all subjects and does not need to answer 200 marks to pass BCS Preliminary.

44th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solution 2023

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Today 44th BCS Question Solution 2023

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. You may be able to get 60 to 70 marks even if you do not fall. But to get the cut marks that are required for passing the preliminary, the situation becomes like getting out of the tongue. Because BCS exams are the result of long term hard work and in this case how you are preparing yourself for a long time and presenting yourself in the exam center is an important issue.

44th BCS Preliminary Question 2023

So for those of you who have already finished the exam and answered all the questions in the exam, we gave the correct solution to all the questions so that you can sit at home and see the correct answer to the question you answered.

If we assume that the cut mark of BCS exam will be 120, then if you can correct a maximum of 130, then there is a possibility of ticking in preliminary. This is because many questions are very confusing and in this case many experienced people answer the correct questions one by one.

44th BCS Exam Question Solution 2023 bpsc gov bd PDF May 27, 2023

So thinking of you, we have solved the 40th BCS Preliminary Exam Questions on our website with the consent of the general public and the advice of the experts so that you can see the correct answers in all the subjects from here and match.

It is to be noted that a recruitment circular has been issued for the 44th BCS examination and it has been informed through this recruitment circular that final appointment will be made in the 44th BCS examination for 1710 posts.

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Those who apply for the Preliminary Examination for appointment in that Final Examination have the opportunity to apply from 1st January and the deadline for applying for the Preliminary Examination has been extended considering that the fourth year examination has not been completed. This time limit was till March 2 and less than one lakh students applied for the 44th BCS Preliminary Examination as compared to last year.

However, according to the announcement of the PSC, the examination was held on May 27 and the examination was held on time on a very specific day without any mention of postponing the date of the examination. However, from the topic that came up in the BCS Preliminary Exam, you can see the solution of the question today and get rid of your inner confusion.