SSC Result 2023 Update News Published Today by Bangladesh Education Ministry

When will the SSC result be? This is an important question for the present day students. Because the students know that the results will be published within 30 days after the test is held, they are waiting for the results. So if you want to know important information about this result then read this post of our website carefully.

Then you will get an idea about when the SSC results of 2023 may be published and you will have to wait. About 22 lakh students from all education boards participated in the 2023 SSC exams from all over the country. After participating in the test, they complete the test and wait for the test result.

SSC Result 2023 Update News Published Today

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Thinking about the students, we are providing important information about when the results of SSC exam 2023 may be published on our website and we have collected this information from reliable sources. Initially, the results of SSC examination were supposed to be published between 23rd and 27th of December, but later this time was changed. Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the issue by distributing new books among the students of the next academic year on the 30th and the results are likely to be published on that day.


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In this context, we have learned that the results of SSC examination of 2023 may be published between 28th December and 31st December. Students from all education boards across the country will be able to check SSC exam results via SMS. Students will have to pay a fixed amount of charge to check the results via SMS. Moreover, those who want to see a good grade in each subject through internet connection can go to the official website of the Ministry of Education and check these results completely free of cost.

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Our Board of Education has provided guidelines for students to view the results. So if you go to the table of contents on our website, the students of each board of education will be able to know the detailed information about how to see the results. It is to be noted that in the SSC examination of 2023, only three subjects have been taken instead of eleven subjects. For a long time, the education of the students did not go well due to the closure of the educational institutions due to the infection of Corona virus.Screenshot 2021 12 28 At 9.27.55 Am

If students take the exam on top of the entire syllabus and on the whole book, many of them can be successful in the process. From the Ministry of Education, the examinations are taken only on the subjects of the department considering the students and the students give examinations on only three subjects.

Moreover, instead of 100 marks, 35 marks were taken. It should not take much time to evaluate the examination book and give the number to the students and post the results. Do it from December 28th to December 31st and you will be sure to know the results within these few days.

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