SSC Result 2023 of Dhaka Board with Marksheet & Number Published by

According to Dhaka Board Announcement, the SSC Result of this board is going to be published on May 31, 2023.

It is a matter of great sorrow that many of you don’t know how to check SSC result of Dhaka education Board. Are you one of them who don’t know how to get it? Then just read this.

How to Check SSC Result of Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board SSC result can be checked from many ways. Anyone can get the result from Online. This method have different channel for checking the result.
Facebook: By visiting our Facebook page you can get your SSC Result of Dhaka board. In order to do that you have to submit your roll number in our message inbox. Our team will check the result and inbox you.

Online: There are many websites for publishing SSC result of Dhaka board. Visit Education Board Result website and provide your information. Then your result will be displayed.

SMS: by sending SMS you can get Dhaka Board SSC result with marksheet. Details about SMS system will be discussed in this article.Key Information:

  1. Result: SSC
  2. Year: 2023
  3. Event: Result Check
  4. Number of Ways: 3
  5. Name of them: Online, SMS & Apps

Dhaka Board SSC Result Check Website Link

Step by Step instructions of getting Dhaka Board ssc result 2023.
Step by Step Instructions:

  1. At first you have to visit the official website education Board result. The website address is
  2. Then you have to select your examination as SSC or equivalent.
  3. After that you have to select your education board Dhaka.
  4. Then you need to input your roll and registration number.
  5. After that you have to solve captcha challenge.
  6. And finally you need to click on submit button in order to get your result.

Key Information:

  1. Board Name: Dhaka
  2. Method: Online
  3. Website:
  4. Charge: Free
  5. Registration: Not Applicable
  6. Captcha: Yes
  7. Personal Info Needed: Roll & Registration
  8. Response Time: Super Fast

Marksheet Download

Dhaka board announced a notice regarding SSC result publication system. According to the notice the students are requested to submit our roll number through mobile SMS in order to get their result from staring at home.

270262093 442613217504016 4082532784361537195 N

You have to apply for pre registration by sending mobile SMS to 16222 number. In order to apply you have to type in prescribed SMS format. In our previous article we have discussed about it. If you you haven’t read our article then you should read it from here.

SMS Format for Pre Registration:

SSC Board Roll 2023

You have to replace your board name here and input your roll number. And send this message to 16222 number.

Key Information:

  1. Event: Result Pre-Registration
  2. Exam: SSC
  3. Result: SSC
  4. Year: 2023
  5. Method: SMS
  6. Format: SSC Board Roll 2023
  7. Charge: 2.55 Taka
  8. Server: 16222
  9. Response Time: Immediate
  10. Deadline: Before Result Date on May 31, 2023
  11. Availability: 24 Hours
  12. Operator: Robi, GP, Airtel, Banglalink

We hope you have successfully downloaded your SSC result marksheet. We have discussed all the possible ways of downloading SSC marksheet 2023 with MCQ marks. 2021 Ssc Result Marksheet Published By Education Board Result

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