SSC 2022 English 2nd Paper Question Solve Download Answer of All Board (আজকের প্রশ্ন সমাধান)

SSC English 2nd paper examination is going on today all over Bangladesh. The square more than 2 million students are sitting for SSC examination. The examination is taken in more than 500 exam centre. SSC English 2nd Paper Question answer 2022 has been collected by This post is about SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2022.

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2022

In this part we discuss about the SSC English 2nd Paper Question 2019. English is a compulsory subject for SSC Exam. It is a hard subject. It is very difficult subject to majority of the students.

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2022

SSC 2022 English 2nd Paper Question Solve Download

They find it too difficult studying in remote area of the capital. It is difficult to them because they think it difficult. They feel scared to face it. They become frightened facing the English Exam.

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SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution of Grammar Parts 2020

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words given in the box below. You may need to change the form of words and you can use one word more than once :

a) conscious

b) punish

c) both

d) for

e) development

f) fear

g) punished

h) was

i) to

j) develop

3. Make five sentences using the parts of sentences from cach: column of the table below:

1. a+i+iii

2. b+v+i

3. c+iv+v

4. d+iii+ii

5. e+ii+iv

4. Complete the following text with right form of verbs given to the Ox0 box below:


b) bestow

c) have


e) are

f) show



i) lose

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:

The ticket officer asked the lady where he liked to go. The lady replied that she was to Rajshahi. The ticket officer asked how many tickets he needed to buy and of which class. The lady replied that she needed three first class tickets.

6. Change the following sentences according to the directions:

a) What a devastating phenomenon of the modern world terrorism is!

b) At present we call it a challenge to fight against it.

c) Now, everybody is in the treat of vioence



8. Complete the following text adding suffixes or prefixes or both with the underlined root words:

a) wastern

b) question

c) workers

d) internet

e) affirmative

f) smartness

g) acompany

h) virtual

i) hardly

j) action

9. Make tag questions of these following statements :

a) don’t you?

b) does it?

c) couldn’t they?

d) does it?

e) will you?

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We have successfully published question solution of grammar parts of today’s SSC English 2nd paper examination. If you are an ssc examination candidates then most probably you are looking for today’s question solution of grammar part. We are very happy to declare that we have successfully completed question solution of this question paper. You can easily download and save the question solution from this website. Just visit our website and click on download button.

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2020 All Board

Ssc English 2Nd Paper Question 2020 (Answer &Amp; Solution)

Dhaka Board SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2020

Dhaka Education Board SSC English 2nd paper examination is held today at 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. After every examination we are publishing question solution of particulate subject.

According to that we are going to publish Dhaka Board SSC English 2nd paper question solution as well. And it is our expectation that our question solution is 100% accurate. Because our expert team has solved all the questions of today’s examination.

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the form of the words. You may need to use one word s more than once :

It is a) anticipated that the new century is now facing various challenges especially environmental

b) disaster Feeding the ever growing population is (c) the first and foremost challenge for Bangladesh. It is very difficult to (d) sustain the current level of agricultural production. Because our agricultural land is being reduced due (e) to human habitat, industrialization, river etc. Besides, we are losing our forests gradually. Trees are being cut down (g) indiscriminately resulting in h) an increase of pollution. So, it is i) imperative to check the reckless alarming condition j) for our own existence.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words

Once a farmer had a great desire (a) for land. One day (b) went to the landlord, he wanted some land (c) so that are he might live in comfort. The landlord was very wise. So he told him to have as much land as he could cover by ruling (d) until the sun-set. The farmer became very pleased (e) with that. Next morning he started running as f) early as he could to cover more area. He ran till evening and the sun was g) about to set. He ran with his last strength but became very tired and fell (h) to the dead. He was (i) died there. Then the Wiseman remarked atman needs just as much land as will be enough j) for his grave.

03. a) Character is mental or moral qualities of a person. b) It is the combination of some good qualities. c) It also means psychological or ethical nature. d) Character of a person is regarded as the crown of life. e) Everybody hates a man without character.

4. Complete the following text with the right form of verbs given in the box. You can use one verb more than once– Patriotism is a noble virtue. It a) inspires a man to shed the last drop of blood to b) defend the freedom of his country. A man without patriotism c) is not better than a beast. A true patriot (d) is honoured by all. He always e) thinks for the welfare of his country. On the other hand, the unpatriotic men f) thinks only for their own interest. Those who g) die for the country are true patriots. They even h) remembered after their death. That is why the freedom fighters who (i) sacrificed their lives in 1971 are remembered and j) honoured forever

7. Complete the sentences

(a) Where there is a will, there is a way. (b) If a man does not work hard, he can’t succeed. (c) As the people of Bangladesh are hardworking, they are developing rapidly. (d)Though she was uneducated in the past, but now she has made a remarkable development in her G.D.P (e) So, it is our bounden duty to work hard.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parentheses –

A good student is always (a) mindful to his studies. He is (b) respectful to his (c) teachers and superiors. He never d) dishonor anybody. He is free from (e) misbehavior and never rude to his classmates. As he is f) studious, he never wastes his time in vain. He is also sincere and listens to his teachers (g) attentively so that he can be h) successful in life. His punctuality and (i) determination help him to j) take and solve any difficult work or job.

9. Make tag questions of the following statements

(a) I am an SSC examinee. Aren’t I? (b) My expectation is getting A+, isn’t it?? (c) Some of my classmates became addicted to using mobile phones, didn’t they? (d) They could not pass the test exam, could they? (e) Does everybody hate them for this reason, don’t they?

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2020

SSC English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2019 will be available after sometime. Thank you.

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SSC English 2nd Paper Question 2018

1. Fil in the blanks with the word from the box.
Apparent, bad, lie, in, sorts, have, of, aware, about, cope

Bangladesh (a) … in the southern part of Asia.
She is now (b)… in the grip of all (c)… of populations like air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution.
The dwellers of the urban areas are th (d)…. (e) Bangladesh over the past decades (f) pourreated significant environmental problems. We bow (g) – some of the most common types (h) – environmental pollutions and ways of (i) — with them. In this case, we need) – most.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Truthfulness (a) — to the habit of speaking the truth. It is (b) – greatest of all virtues in a man’s life. The true peace and prosperity of man entirely depend (c) — it. It ennobles one’s character and gives one high (d) — in society. It may not make one rich (e) – brings peace of mind. A truthful person is loved and respected (f) — all. A truthful person cares (g) –. All religions teach us to (h) — truthful. By (i) – of truthfulness all can shine in life. Truthfulness (j) – lead the whole world to peace and prosperity.

4. Complete the following text with the right forms of verbs given in the box.

Promise, contain, be, return, finish, agree, want, ask, refuse, compose.

One day the great poet Ferdousi (a) – by Sultan Mahmood to (b) Shahanama in honour of the

The Sultan (c)…. To pay Ferdousi a gold coin each verse. Ferdousi (d) – the writing and it (e) and
(f) — sixty thousand verses. Now Sultan(g)… to pay sixty thousand gold
coins. He (h) – to coins instead of gold coins. The poet (i)…too take silver coins and (j) —to his village.

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5. Change the narrative style of the following text:

Shabab said to Tahsin, “Did you visit the Shat Gombuj Mosque?” “No, I didn’t”, said Tahsin. “I was there last week. How beautiful the mosque is!” said Shahab. “Let’s go there next year,” Tahsin said.

6. Change the sentences according to directions:

(a) Very few conquerors of the world were so great as Taimur. (Superlative)

(b) The province of a powerful prince was once attacked by young Taimur. (Active)

(c) Entering the kingdom of the prince, he captured a large village. (Compound)

(d) The army killed Taimur’s all soldiers. (Passive)

(e) He disguised himself as a poor traveler to survive. (Complex)

(f) He came to a house and asked for something to eat. (Simple)

(g) There lived an old woman in the house. (Complex)

(h) The woman became sympathetic to see Taimur. (Interrogative)

(i) The food was very hot. (Exclamatory)

(j) Taimur was too hungry to wait. (Negative)

7. Complete the sentences:
(a) It is English which ……
(b) But most of the students don’t know how …..
(c) If a student wants to do well in English …..
(d) Unless he/she practices it,
(e) It is high time -……..

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis:

People are (a) (general) fond of glittering things They are the (b) — (love) of the surface. They are concerned with the (c) — (out) show of things and beings. They (d) – (hard) bother about intrinsic value. Gold is a very (e) — (value) thing. But there are (f).. -(very) metals in nature that look like gold They fade soon and become less (g) (beauty). So the surface of anything should not be the key for it (h) —- (measure). We all should be (i) – (care about this truth. Otherwise, we will have to be (j) (repent) in the long run.

9. Make tag questions of these statements:

(a) At present, everybody likes cricket,-?

(b) Students hardly miss watching this game, -?

(c) Nothing is more enjoyable to them than cricket…..?

(d) How exciting the game is……?

(e) Let’s play this game,–?
13. Imagine, you are Sumon/Sumona, a student of fragtas food they need for good health (d) — they have no Jamalpur Zilla School, Jamalpur. There is no knowledge of the science of health and nutrition. (e) canteen in your school. The students have to stay for they suffer from various diseases.

a long time in the school. So, they need Tiffin. Now.
11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where write an application to your Headmaster on necessary in the following text:
behalf of the students for setting up a canteen in whats your programme after the examination asked your school. ratul nabil said i havent yet decided can you suggest 14. Write a paragraph on “A Moonlit Night.” any lets go on a picnic said ratul what an excellent idea.
15. Write a composition on “Your Favourite Hobby.”

Here is your SSC English 2nd Paper Question 2018

Ssc English 2Nd Paper Question 2018

Ssc English 2Nd Paper Question 2018

Here is your SSC English 2nd Paper Question 2018. You can download it. Click here to download pdf or jpeg file.

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