Sherpur Govt Victoria Academy Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Dear Students, Today on our website you will be provided some important information about Sherpur Government Victoria Academy. Those of you who are thinking of enrolling in Victoria Academy in 2023 will read this information on our website very seriously.

Then you will be able to get a lot of information from here and all the important information about the date from which you have to apply for admission in the new class and the date on which the results of the application will be available will be told in the serial. As you know, an authority called Government School Admission has been established for admission in the new class of 2023.

This authority will allow students to be admitted to the school of their choice through lottery in 2023 without taking any admission test. The main thing is that students will apply online and based on their luck they will get the opportunity to get admission in the educational institution of their choice. Because, in this situation, if the admission test of the students is taken, it is feared that their health risk will increase a lot. So those who want to be admitted in Sherpur Government Victoria Academy in 2023 do not seem to be preparing for any kind of admission test.

All you have to do is enter the Government School Admissions website, click on the application and go there and fill in all the information required by a student. Moreover, the parent’s information and the student’s picture must be given correctly.

After filling in the information in this way, you will get a user ID and you will have to pay an application fee of Rs 110 for this user ID. By paying the application fee in this way, you will apply for admission in Sherpur Government Victoria Academy educational institution and will see the results when you publish the results later.

Sherpur Govt Victoria Academy Admission Result

For those of you who have opted for admission in Sherpur Government Victoria Academy and other educational institutions, the results of this application will be prepared by Government School Admission on 15th December. However, there may be a delay of 2/1 days in providing results.

So when the results are published, we will log on to the Government School Admission website with the student’s user ID and PIN number and view the results from there. There will be a mention of which school chance you got according to the result calculation. However, if you want to see the results, you can go to the official website of the schools you have chosen for admission or go directly to the school to find out.

Sherpur Govt Victoria Academy Info

Sherpur Government Victoria Academy was established in 1887 AD and has gained a reputation as one of the notable educational institutions of Sherpur since the British rule. Zamindar Roy Bahadur Charuchandra Chowdhury has made a special contribution in establishing this educational institution. Only boys get the opportunity to study at Sherpur Government Victoria Academy.

Mr. Lutfa Begum, the head teacher of the educational institution, always adopts various schemes to make the students active towards learning and provides lessons to the students accordingly. Students from class III to class X are now studying regularly at Sherpur Government Victoria Academy.