Sheri Last Time Chattogram Today 2023

To know today’s Sehri and Iftar schedule for Chittagong city, you need to read our article carefully. Sehri Iftar schedule for Chittagong city today. We are constantly presenting those schedules to the people of Chittagong through our articles. There are many who are staying in Chittagong city. Those who don’t know about Seheri’s recent times. For them today we are presenting this article to inform the last time of Sehri. Everyone, when fasting, hopes to have Sehri and Iftar at the right time.

If you don’t do it at the right time, your fast may not be accepted. Almighty Allah said, Sehri and Iftar should be done at the right time. We have seen and found proof of this in various hadiths. The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “Whoever fasts at the right time or prays at the right time, his fast is accepted first.” And so every one of us should have Sehri at the right time and Iftar at the right time. If Sehri Iftar is done at the right time, Almighty Allah is pleased.

And if Sehri and Iftar are done at the right time, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is happy. That’s why all of us should take care of these things. So that we do not have untimely Sehri Iftar. We have to do Sehri every right time. Iftar should be done at the right time. All the things that we constantly present to you. All those things are more important and acceptable. Because we collect information from many government and private websites and present it to you. You must read all these information and gather information from here.

Last time of sheri to today 2023


Many of us try to know the latest time to eat Sehri when we fast. Because eating Sehri is something that is the beginning and end of our day. We can’t put any food in our mouth during the whole day. That is, the food that we eat in the morning when Fajr is called. It is our last mid-day meal. Many of you may know about this. Many may know detailed information about this. But for those who don’t know, if you want to know the latest time of Sehri. Then our article will help you.

Every one of us fasts for a purpose when we fast, that is to please the great creator. For this purpose we all fast. And if our aim is in any way targeted then it will not be useful at all. And so I want to say for everyone, whenever you do our essays, our essays will choose the right information. By choosing the right information, you can connect to important topics. In this case, the thing to do is to read our articles regularly. Those who regularly read our articles are ahead of everyone.

From that point of view, if you want to do Sehri at the right time and if you are a resident of Chittagong region. Then this article will especially help you. Because if the residents of Chittagong region want to fast, they need to know the list of correct sehri and iftar timings. That is why we have included important information in this article.

Chattogram sheri calendar 2023


We have many readers who live in Chittagong region. We spoke to them and they told us that they have been browsing various websites. But I couldn’t find the correct sehri calendar anywhere. Considering their needs we are attaching the right Sehri Calendar today. The calendar you see in our article is collected from the official website. The calendar mentioned there. We have downloaded that calendar and presented it to you through our article by combining all the information from that calendar.

All these things are very important for people in every region. Many of you know that Dhaka is the heart of our country. The time set in Dhaka is much more important than the time set in other parts of the country. Because the time of Dhaka is fixed in other regions or other district or divisional cities of our country. Timings or calendars are made accordingly.

And so the calendar of Dhaka is very important. We have matched our Chittagong with the Dhaka calendar. We are presenting the correct information obtained from there through the article. Here you will find calendar for sehri at correct time we have attached separate calendar for sehri and iftar. You can download any one at any time if you want. This calendar will be applicable for all. You can download this calendar on your mobile phone and keep it. By doing this you will be able to tell the exact time of Sehri to those who are staying around you.


2023 chattagram sheri time

You know that the month of Ramadan has started this year in 2023. Everyone is looking for sehri schedule list in many places. But where are you getting the correct timing list? We are constantly working to make your delay time better. In continuation of that, this time we have mentioned the schedule list for Chittagong city. I am presenting the schedule before you. There are many who help many. You help more in the month of Ramadan. To them please extend your helping hand and reap more rewards.

You know that a reward in the month of Ramadan is more important and more standard than other months. Many do a lot of charity in the month of Ramadan to get more opportunities. You can do that too. Also you can do this task by letting everyone know the correct sehri timing list. What you need to do in this case is to share our article more and more. Let the people around you know that we are presenting the list to you at the right time.

If you present this timing list to many other relatives or close people. Then they will benefit from you and thereby you will get more rewards. And so you must do this. Many people do this and get more rewards. If you also want to get reward like them then follow our instructions. Those who follow our guidance will never be left behind. Always be first. This time we are presenting all the guidelines before you. Try to follow them so that you can stay ahead.