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You have done well to come to our website to solve the questions of this unit of Rajshahi University. Our website is provided with complete and accurate solutions to all the questions of all the shifts. So those who have completed the exam and want to match the answers to the questions must match the answers to the various questions of this unit from our website.

Rajshahi University Admission 2022-23 Question Solution

For the purpose of admission of students in the 2020-21 academic year and to remove the confusion in their minds, the question solutions of all the units of all the universities are being given regularly on our website. So stay tuned to our website on a regular basis and see the solution to the question of which university admission test you will or have taken.

RU C Unit MCQ Question Solution 2023

Admission test is held every year in Bangladesh for the first year of honors. Admission test of Rajshahi University for 2020 academic year starts on 4th October. In that continuity, the examination of this unit of 2021 was held on 5th October from 9:30 am. Due to the test being held in 3 shifts, the test ends at 4 pm. Examiners want to see the solution of their questions after the end of each shift test and find out how much they have done correctly and how much they have done wrong in the test.

A Unit MCQ Written Answer 2023

To that end we are going to solve each unit question on a regular basis for each student. The solutions to all the questions that are on our website are prepared by eminent teachers. So you can feel free to look at the answers to all these questions and get an idea of ​​how many marks you can get in the exam.

The examination of this unit of Rajshahi University is being held mainly in the Faculty of Arts. Although Rajshahi University has multiple units in the past years, the admission test of Rajshahi University is being held in three units in the 2020-21 academic year. This unit is for the Faculty of Arts.

RU A Unit Question Solution 2021

Students who have passed the HSC level from the humanities department and picked up the admission form have to pick up the form for this unit. Students prepare for admission in this unit and merit list will be prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in their examination papers.

Rajshahi University A Unit Question Solve 2021

This unit of Rajshahi University has been set up for the students who want to study in different subjects of the Faculty of Arts. This unit has a total of 28 subjects. These include English, Bengali, Persian, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Philosophy, History, History and Culture of Islam, Law, etc. Although there have been separate units for these subjects in the past years, this measure has been taken to complete the examination in one unit in 2021 due to the do-it-yourself situation.

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Therefore, those who can get higher marks by participating in the examination will be given the opportunity to get admission in the first year of honours in the first row subjects. If you want to be admitted in the prescribed subjects of the unit then you have to try your best and try to give the correct answer to the highest question of the answer sheet. The total number of seats in this unit is 1061. In contrast to this seat, more than one student from different parts of the country is taking the exam.

A Unit Admission Question Right Answer

Every student wants to enter a public university to earn an honours and a master’s degree. So the students get the opportunity by holding the university admission test every year. Therefore, admission test has started with Rajshahi University and other universities of the country. Therefore, considering the corona situation of the country, the examinations are being held with a gap without holding the examinations together.


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Since you have participated in the test, many of you may be answering correctly at the test center and many may be leaving incorrectly. So if you look at the answer to the question from our website and think that you will get over 60, then you have a chance.

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