Primary 3rd Phase Exam Result 2023 PDF Download District Wise

The results of the primary third phase examination held in 2023 were released today on 16th June. The Department of Elementary Education today released the results for the students who took part in the primary third phase examination on June 3 and have been waiting for the results of this examination for so long. So if you haven’t been able to see your own results yet or don’t know this information as these results have been published, go straight to the bottom of the post on our website and download the PDF file of your results from there.

After downloading from the PDF file, when you go to search for results in your district, you will find that all the candidates who have passed there are given their roll numbers and it may take some time to find your number from there. In that case, you have to install a software through which you can enter this pdf file and search by just typing the roll number and your results are displayed there.

Moreover if you find your own roll number inside the district based roll number then you will understand that you have been nominated for the viva exam and you have to complete all the preparations to participate in the viva exam. Many students across the country will get employment opportunities through this huge circular of government teacher posts in 2020 and in that continuity many students have competed hard and worked hard.

I think the hard work of the students who have studied for a long time and prepared themselves for the exam and tried to answer the best and most correct questions in the exam is worthwhile. However, if you are more worried about the results of this test, then I will tell you to be sure by looking at the results and if you find your own number in the third step of the post of primary assistant teacher, then follow the next step.

The next step is to attest and submit the required documents to the DC office at your departmental level to participate in your viva exam. You will be called for Vivar next time and you will complete Viva examination from the examination center at the specified time on the specified day and this job will be confirmed through your good performance. Download the results pdf file or find your roll number from your district results.

Even though one-fourth of the candidates who have passed the Viva exam will be given the job later, you will try your best to get good results in the Viva exam and try to answer the correct questions in Viva. You can ask us if you have any questions regarding the results of this primary test published in 2023 and we would like to give you the right direction by answering the correct questions.