Patuakhali Govt Jubilee High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

The purpose of every educational institution is to provide proper education to the students and to ensure that the students benefit the nation through this education. In addition to inculcating the values ​​and ethics of a student in an educational institution, it also provides various important education so that a student can take on all kinds of responsibilities in his / her adult life. So be sure to inspire your child to enroll in a new class and be careful when choosing a meeting school.

Even though every educational institution ensures the education of the students, if you can enroll your child in a good educational institution then the progress towards his / her education will be enhanced by the environment there. So if you live in Patuakhali district and want your child to be admitted in new class then you must fill the application form for admission in Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School.

According to the information of Government School Admission, the application deadline for admission in Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School is from 25th November to 8th December and after this period no application can be made for admission in any educational institution in Bangladesh. In order to apply for admission, a student has to provide all the important information and his birth registration number.

In addition, the information of the guardian and the number of the guardian’s national identity card should be mentioned. After completing the initial application by uploading the newly taken picture of the student, a student will get the user ID and the student’s money will have to be paid in this user ID as admission fee.

Patuakhali Govt Jubilee High School Admission Result

We know that those of you who have applied for Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School within the stipulated time are waiting for the results. However, this result will be prepared directly by the Government School Admission and according to the admission notification, the date of publication of this result has been fixed as 15th December.

Once you log on to the website you have applied for on the mentioned date with the student’s user ID and PIN number, you will get the detailed information about which school the student got the chance. So no matter which school your child applies for admission to, check the results on the scheduled day and if any school gets a chance then you must complete the admission process by fulfilling all the conditions of the school.

Patuakhali Govt Jubilee High School Info

Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School was established in 1887 AD and always teaches new subjects to the students by utilizing the power of knowledge. Patuakhali Government Jubilee High School is the medium of instruction from January to December and the students of class III to X are regularly studying in the educational institution.

Not only textbook lessons but also sports are organized regularly to make the students interested in sports and there are various co-educational activities in educational institutions for the development of the talents of the students.

Moreover, the head of the educational institution Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Khan Sir takes various initiatives for the development of the talents of the students and according to those initiatives he implements all kinds of activities for the purpose of educating the students.