Nu Admission Result 2023 1st Merit List Published Date (Honours 1st Year College Admission Test

Dear students, those of you who have applied online for admission in various educational institutions under the National University and are waiting for the first merit list, let us know through this post today when the results of your application for admission may be published. The National University authorities recently issued an admission notification for admission and according to this admission notification, students are given the opportunity to apply for admission in various colleges across the country through online.

However, in previous years, all the colleges under the National University were given the opportunity to apply only if they got GPA 2.00 in SSC and HSC examinations separately. But that rule was completely changed in 2023, and students at the SSC level who have a GPA below 3.50 will not be able to get admission in any college under the National University.

It has been observed that many students have achieved good results in HSC examinations but have been denied the opportunity to apply as they have not achieved very good results or desired results in SSC examinations. However, since you have applied for this admission in the reputed educational institutions of the country as well as in the government colleges which have applied at the village level, the results of the application of all the educational institutions will be published by the National University authorities very soon.

The result of this application will be informed via SMS to the contact number of each student that he / she has got the opportunity to be admitted in the first year of graduation course in a specific subject of a particular educational institution. So while we may not be able to provide an exact date for those of you who want to know the date of publication of these results, it may at least indicate that the results of your application or the date of admission are most likely to be published between 18th and 21st June.

So when your results are published on a certain day, you will see your results as soon as they are published and if you do not have the opportunity to see the results via SMS or if SMS does not come then you will resort to other method. In this case I will ask you to go to the official website of the National University and by going there you will be able to know by logging in with your application ID and password which college you have actually been selected to study in which subject.

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And if the results of your admission have not been given in the first merit list then wait for the second merit list or in some cases when the third merit list will be given then you can see the results. However, due to the limited number of seats at present compared to the number of students, it is often seen that despite having good results, there is no opportunity to get admission in the desired colleges. If you do not have a chance in any merit list, then you have to apply for admission in another college through subsequent release slip.