Niphamari Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Dear students, you are all aware that in 2022, instead of admission test in every school, students are being offered admission through lottery. So if you want to be admitted in 2nd, 6th and 8th class then apply for admission in Nilphamari Government High School.

The application for admission has been informed that it will be open till December 8 and no application will be accepted after this period. So students must apply at the scheduled time and by taking part in the lottery process through this application take the opportunity to be admitted to the school of your choice on lottery basis.

Those who live in Nilphamari district also know that every year thousands of students apply for admission in Nilphamari Government High School and there is a lot of competition in the admission test. Since the admission test is not being held, you must participate in this activity and confirm your admission.

Students and parents will need to provide information to fill out the admission application form, as well as pay an application fee of Rs 110 for admission. Once the application fee is completed, an SMS will be sent to each student’s own phone number and it will be confirmed via SMS that your application has been completed. So no one will neglect this beautiful opportunity.

Niphamari Govt High School Admission Result

The results of Nilphamari Government High School will be released on December 15 and will be released by the Government School Admission Authority. Those of you who have come to check the results will enter the Government School Admission i.e. GSA Teletalk com BD website and go there and view the results using the student’s user ID and PIN number.

Then you will take a good look and be sure about which school you have a chance to complete the admission process according to the rules of the mentioned school. Moreover, the admission results of the eligible students of Nilphamari Government High School will be provided in the form of PDF file.

Niphamari Govt High School Info

Education, health and progress are the motto of Nilphamari Government High School. By keeping their educational institution in line with the motto, every year the students are able to acquire the knowledge of the text book beautifully as they are going through every basic subject. So Nilphamari Government High School is a significant educational institution inside the mentioned jail. Founded in 1882, the academy has been a resounding success since the British rule, and every year parents pick up admission forms for their children.

Students of class VI to X are regularly studying in Nilphamari Government High School and at present the number of students in this educational institution is about 1500. If you want to go to Nilphamari Government High School, you can get this educational institution by going to PTI Road. So in knowledge and meaning this educational institution is unique within Nilphamari district.

If a student gets the opportunity to get admission in this educational institution then he / she will be able to take regular class arrangements and also will get opportunity to develop talent by participating in various educational activities.