www nu.ac.bd admissions National University 1st Merit List Honours Admission Result 2023

Check out the results of the National University’s Honors first year admissions program by following the rules shown on our website today. The National University authorities have announced on their official website that they will publish the results of the admission process on June 20 and have released the results accordingly today. You will now need to view these results via SMS to confirm whether you got a chance in the first merit list as per the application.

www.nu.ac.bd/admissions Result 2023

However, many students are trying to see the results through SMS to see their results and in this case, if someone does not receive an SMS, I will ask you to be a little patient. Then around 9 pm, if you have not received the SMS, you can check the website and see the results. The results will be released on June 20 after receiving all applications for admission in June.

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https://www.nu.ac.bd/admissions Result

Finally, today, on the 20th of June, the results are being viewed via SMS at 4 pm. If you have applied for admission in the first year of graduation in a particular college under the National University, I would say that you can follow the following rules to show the results of this examination. National University Admission Procedure The rules for viewing the results via SMS are nu <space> athn <space> roll no.


Here you will give money instead of writing space and give 7 digit number of admission instead of roll number. Then when you send this written SMS to 16222, the balance will be deducted from your phone and you will be informed with the reply of your SMS in a short while. If you read the SMS well, you will be able to understand whether you have got a chance in the first merit list in the admission process of the national university and if it has been as you like.

www nu.ac.bd admissions (রেজাল্ট দেখুন)

সার্ভার সমস্যা ছাড়া রেজাল্ট দেখুন http://app1.nu.edu.bd/ 

If you don’t have a chance according to your GPA then you will wait for the second merit list. However, if you can’t see the results even after sending the SMS, then I will tell you that after 9 pm you will enter this website www.nu.ac.bd/admissions to see the results. Then use the seven digit roll number of admission to view the results and find out by clicking on submit button with other information.

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2023

If you have any questions regarding the results, you can do so and provide your admission roll number in the comment box of our website to view the results. If you get the opportunity to do honors in the first merit list, then you have to confirm the admission and in this case, according to the rules of the national university, you have to pay 485 rupees in the mobile banking account of your respective college.

Moreover, all the work related to this admission will be completed very soon and once the admission is completed, you will have to participate in the class from the 3rd of July.