Naogoan Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Every parent wants their child to study in a government educational institution and to develop their talents and be at a good level. However, educational institutions play a significant role in reading and writing as a student’s initiative is a very important subject.

Therefore, according to the needs of the parents and the wishes of the students, thousands of students apply for admission in all the schools across the country where the admission test is taken every year. But an admission notice has been published for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022 where there is no mention of admission test.

However, students will only apply online and Government School Admission will conduct a lottery with them based on their application. So to participate in this lottery, you must apply online from November 25th to December 8th at 5pm. In that case, if you are a resident of Naogaon district, then there are many reputed educational institutions of Naogaon district and you have to apply by putting that educational institution on your preferred list.

However, you will apply after making sure that your student will be admitted in any class and whether he / she has been admitted in the mentioned class in that school accordingly. So to apply to Naogaon Zilla School, you have to apply within the stipulated time and after completing the application, submit the application fee of Tk. 110 as application fee through Teletalk SIM Recharge. Failure to submit the application fee will result in your application not being accepted and a student will be disqualified. Therefore, as a conscious parent, you should make the application of the student accurately.

Naogoan Zilla School Admission Result

Naogaon District School Admission Results will be published on 15th December and on the mentioned day you have to go to the official website of Government School Admission using user ID and PIN number to view the results.

Moreover, after the results are fully published, Naogaon District School will upload the results in PDF format on their official website for the benefit of the students. So keep an eye on the official website of Government School Admission and the official website of Naogaon Zilla School on the scheduled day to see the results.

Naogoan Zilla School Info

Knowledge, meaning and education Naogaon Zilla School is a significant educational institution. This educational institution was established in 1917 AD and the policy statement of the educational institution is: – Knowledge is power.

In other words, the students are able to develop themselves through knowledge based on this principle sentence and through the development of knowledge they are at different important stages of the country. Mohammad Aziz Sardar is currently the headmaster of Naogaon District School. Since he took over the charge, he has made great strides in the field of education and he has continued to do so till date.

Although the size of this educational institution is small, the educational institution has adequate facilities and at present about 750 students are studying in the educational institution regularly. In Naogaon Zilla School, students from class III to class X get the opportunity to study through Bangla and admission test is held every year for admission in this school.

Therefore, there is a lot of demand for this educational institution within Naogaon district and every year thousands of students participate in the admission test of this educational institution and get the opportunity to get admission in the educational institution through competition.

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