Munshiganj KK Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

An admission notification has been published for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2023 and according to this admission notification, the admission process of all government and private educational institutions across Bangladesh will be conducted simultaneously. If you are thinking of getting admission in the new class of 2023 and have been a resident of Munshi Ganj, then today I will give you some important information about a school. You can pick up the application form for admission in KK Government High School of Munshiganj within the stipulated time.

Although many students have participated in the admission test in this educational institution every year and many students have not got the chance as per the test question papers, there will be a lot of opportunities for admission in 2023. Because the students are given the opportunity of short admission through lottery, they are able to get admission in the mentioned school above the fate of the students. That is why you are getting time from November 25 to December 8 to apply for Munshiganj KK Government High School.

Munshiganj KK Government High School has published a detailed notice regarding the admission process on their official website and according to this notice you will enter the official website of Government School Admission and apply there separately for each student. You must provide student information and parent information when applying.

After providing the information, when the application is completed, you will get a user ID and you will have to pay in this user ID. In other words, you will submit the application fee of 110 rupees as an application fee through Teletalk SIM Recharge. As per the rules mentioned above, you can apply for admission in Munshiganj KK Government High School 2023.

Munshiganj KK Govt High School Admission Result

Who wants to see the results of Munshiganj Government High School? For those who have applied within the stipulated time as per the notification of Government School Admission and have given the choice to get the results of the five schools, you can see the results of only Munshiganj Government High School through this post.

However, to see the results of all the schools, that is, the schools you have applied for admission to the schools to make sure that you have a chance to enter the official website. The student’s user ID and PIN number will be required to view the results and if you log in correctly, the results will come in front of you.

Munshiganj KK Govt High School Info

Munshiganj KK Government High School was established in the year 1946 AD and since then this educational institution has been able to achieve good results with success every year. At present about 1500 students are able to study regularly under the supervision of Mansur Khan, the headmaster of the educational institution.

The school was established on the initiative of Abdul Hakim Bikrampuri, the founder of the school and the people of Munshiganj have been given the opportunity to be educated by taking advantage of this opportunity. At present, students of class VI to X can study in this educational institution and get opportunity to participate in various types of simple educational activities besides text books.