Mohammadpur Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Mohammadpur Government High School has published an admission circular regarding admission in different classes for 2023. So those of you who live in Mohammadpur area and take part in the admission test and are failing the test every year and can’t stand it, participate in the lottery process for admission in 2023.

In this case, you do not have to participate in the admission test, but by applying online, students will get the opportunity to get admission through lottery. So if you live near Mohammadpur Government High School or are interested in getting admission in this educational institution then you can apply online till 8th December.

In order to apply, the student and his / her parents have to provide important information and upload the newly taken picture of the student. Once the application is completed, a unique user ID will appear for the student and you will download this copy of the application. Then according to the money payment method given on our website you will submit an application fee of 110 rupees through Teletalk SIM recharge and thus complete the application process.

Mohammadpur Govt High School Admission Result

Those who have applied for admission in Mohammadpur Government High School may be waiting for the result of this application and do not know when the results of this application will be published. However, those who have read the admission notice will know that this result will be published on the 15th of December. The Government School Admission Authority will conduct the lottery activities for the students and will publish the results.

Moreover, the list of the students who have applied will be published on the official website of all the schools you have applied to or directly from the school only. So you will see the results and those who do not get a chance in the first merit list, to get the second merit list, visit the website of Government School Admission again after 20th December and see the results.

Mohammadpur Govt High School Info

Mohammadpur Government High School is an educational institution located in Dhaka and only boys can study regularly in this educational institution. All the students who want to study in Mohammadpur Government High School get the opportunity to get admission in this educational institution by getting the highest marks in the admission test every year. At present this educational institution is a primary and secondary level educational institution.

Since its inception in 1967, the academy has been able to achieve good results in the board examinations and the educational institute’s own examinations every year till date. About 1500 students from first class to tenth class are studying in this educational institution regularly.

The medium of instruction of Mohammadpur Government High School is Bengali and the main objective of this educational institution is education for all. So he forgets the differences and this educational institution always provides opportunities for admission of deserving students and meritorious students through admission test.

Moreover, Madam Nurunnahar, the headmistress of this educational institution, has always taken epoch-making steps regarding the education of the students. Therefore, if you want to get your children admitted in this educational institution located on Humayun Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, you must pick up the form within the stipulated time and complete the admission process of the students through lottery.