Mohammadpur Commercial Institute Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Mohammadpur Commercial Institute Government Secondary High School is going to invite online admission application from students for admission in 2022. Those who live in Mohammadpur area of ​​Dhaka or have decided to get admission in this educational institution can apply online within the stipulated time.

However, like other years in 2022, in case of admission in this educational institution, you do not have to participate in any kind of admission test. The reason is that if students participate in the admission test under the circumstances, various problems may arise and to skip such problems, the Government School Admission Authority is conducting admissions activities in educational institutions across the country.

Students will apply online with only five schools on the preferred list and submit the application fee. The Government School Admission will then conduct a lottery system for the students online and this authority will provide the results of all the schools where all the students get a chance. Moreover, the students will be able to view these results online. You can.

Mohammadpur Commercial Institute Govt High School Admission Result

Mohammadpur Commercial Institute has already applied for admission in Government High School and wants to know the results of the application. They have given information about when the results can be published in the admission notification given on our website.

Students will be able to apply online till December 8 and after applying, students will be able to view the results on December 15. However, after the results are published, the students can go to the website of the Government School Admission Office and login with the student’s user ID and PIN number to view the results.

Moreover, the students of all the educational institutions who have applied will be given the results of the first merit list of all the educational institutions and the privileged students and the results will be announced in the official website of the educational institution. You should know this result on 15th December and if you wait for the second merit list then this result will be published after 20th December.

Mohammadpur Commercial Institute Govt High School Info

Mohammadpur Commercial Institute Government High School is a secondary educational institution located at Satmasjid Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The regular morning and day branches of this educational institution have been conducting lessons for the students in dual shifts. Students can study at the educational institution from 7 am to 4 pm on Saturdays to Thursdays of the week.

The policy sentence of this educational institution is: – Read in the name of your Lord. That is, the issue has been raised so that the students can concentrate on their studies by remembering the name of the Creator. Founded in 2014, this educational institution is far ahead in terms of results in a short period of time.

This educational institution will be run regularly by the headmaster of the school and other teachers. These educational institutions have a variety of facilities and a variety of arrangements for participation in co-educational activities. Therefore, if a student can be admitted in this educational institution, he will be able to overcome his laziness and play an active role in his studies and other subjects and achieve his own success.