Kishoreganj Govt Boys High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

An admission notification has been published by the Government School Admission for the students of Kishoreganj district and according to this admission notification, the students will be able to get admission in the secondary level educational institutions.

So those who have decided to enroll the students in the new class in 2022 and if you are a resident of Kishoreganj district then you can definitely apply for admission in Kishoreganj Government Boys High School. Although Kishoreganj Government Boys High School admission test is held separately every year, in 2022 students will be given the opportunity to be admitted through lottery instead of examination.

So first of all you have to read the admission notice for admission and find out from which date and within which date you can apply according to this admission notification. However, you will have until December 8 to apply and you will no longer be able to apply. Therefore, in case of applying for Kishoreganj Government Boys High School, you should understand all the conditions and information given in the admission notification and apply for the student accordingly.

All the students from all over Bangladesh who want to be admitted in the new class will be able to put a total of five schools in the school preference list in the admission process and will be able to apply accordingly. In case of this application, you have to fill the admission form properly by providing the information of the student, his / her parents and other information. When the application is completed in this way, you can print a copy of the application and keep it in your collection.

Kishoreganj Govt Boys High School Admission Result

Those who have applied for Kishoreganj Government Boys High School will be able to know the result of this application when the Government School Admission Authority will conduct lottery activities. However, according to the admission notification, the government school admission authority has said that the results will be published on 15th December and these results will be published on the website of the government school admission. Due to the large number of students, the results of the students have been shown with the user ID and PIN number instead of being published in PDF format.

In that case, login with the user ID and PIN number that you got in the application copy and see the result of the student. Good luck to all the students who have applied for Kishoreganj Government High School from our website.

Kishoreganj Govt Boys High School Info

Kishoreganj Government Boys High School was established in 1881 AD and since then till date thousands of students have been studying in this educational institution regularly. Students of class VI to X will get enough space to study in this educational institution where they will be able to develop their talents as well as discuss the subject of study.

This educational institution is under the Dhaka Board of Education and every year the students are concentrating on their studies to achieve good results of this educational institution. Moreover, the headmaster of the educational institution AKM Abdullah Sir is always active in the subject matter of the students and ensures that the subject matter of their studies is easy.