Khilagaon Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Students who want to apply for admission in Khilgaon Government High School for the purpose of admission in new class in 2022 will be able to know all the information related to the admission process on our website. You already know that no admission test will be taken for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022. Students will apply online as usual and their lottery will be conducted according to this application.

This means that all the students who will apply for admission in the ninth class of Khilgaon Government High School in 2022 will be lottery with their names or roll numbers and all the students whose names will be drawn in the lottery will get the opportunity to be admitted in 2022. To be admitted in Khilgaon Government High School 2022, you have to enter GSA Teletalk com BD website.

While giving the school choice option there, you will write Khilgaon Government High School or go to the search option and search. Then fill in all the information starting from the date of birth of the student and other information of the parent correctly and upload the picture.

Then you will get a user ID on top of the application copy that you will get. With this user ID you will pay 110 rupees by SMS via Teletalk SIM recharge. Then all the activities to apply for your Khilgaon Government High School will be completed. However, even if Khilgaon Government High School is the first challenge, you will have to choose four more schools later and you will provide them as per your wish.

You can apply for admission to the new class in 2022 from 25th November, 2021 to 8th December. So feel free to complete the application process within the stipulated time and wait for the result.

Khilagaon Govt High School Admission Result

All the students of Khilgaon Government High School have applied for admission in 2022. They can view the results with the user ID and password by entering the link of the above mentioned website. Even then, the students of Khilgaon Government High School will be assured through SMS that they have got the opportunity to study in this school.

Moreover, you can enter the above mentioned website with user ID and password and follow the appropriate rules to see the results at your own risk. There are many of you who cannot follow the rules can come to our website and see the list of names and roll numbers of eligible students of Khilgaon Government High School in PDF format.

Khilagaon Govt High School Info

Khilgaon Government High School, established in 1967, is a reputed school in Dhaka city. Every year the students of this school are achieving results with achievement by studying and the learning environment in this school is helping the students to achieve good results. In addition to enhancing classroom teaching, there are a variety of co-curricular activities and a variety of buildings that explore a student’s learning path.

The total number of students in this educational institution is about 2 thousand and the number of teachers is 102. Teaching is done in these educational institutions by imparting education in science and commerce department. So for all the students who have applied for Khilgaon Government High School, our website wishes them a happy new year in this school.

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