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At present all kinds of government activities are being done online. Since birth registration copy is very important for every person living in a country, you need to collect this birth registration card. After the birth of a child, make a birth registration card for him and if you make this birth registration card, he will complete all the activities in case of admission to a school, then this birth registration card will be required for various tasks later.

So those of you who have not yet made a birth registration card should go to the nearest Union Parishad or municipality and get a birth registration card. In order to create a birth registration card for a child, he / she has to take his / her vaccination card and for those who are adults but have not created a birth registration card, they have to show national identity card documents.

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However, in case of making a birth registration card, you must go to the nearest municipality or union council and get a hard copy of this birth registration card from there. However, there are many who want to collect online copy of birth registration card and use its online copy. If you want to collect online copy of birth registration card then in this case you have to do two things.

At present the information of each birth registration card is being extracted on the bris lgd gov bd website and the information of one birth registration card is being registered here. So you will go to the above mentioned website to make sure that your birth registration card information is registered.

There you will find many options and within that option you will click on the option called Verification of birth registration information. Once the birth registration information is verified, two blank cells will appear in front of you and you will be asked to know your birth registration number and date of birth in these two blank cells. Many may wonder what the birth registration number really is. You received a hardcopy of the birth registration card when you made it from your nearest area.

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On top of that hardcopy is a total 17 digit birth registration number and you will put this number exactly in the blank space. If it is not installed then you have to fill the house with your date of birth. In the date of birth, you must put the year first and then the month and date. Once all this information has been entered correctly, you will click on the submit button and when you click on the submit button, a soft copy or online copy of the hard copy of your birth registration card will be displayed in front of you.

You will see that online copy match with your birth registration card and if it matches then you will definitely get the download option. By clicking on the download option there, you can easily download the online copy of the birth registration card. So many times when you can’t show hard copy of birth registration card or when you don’t have it you can show soft copy of birth registration card.

Moreover, if you print and keep this card, it will be most beneficial. Therefore, birth registration card is a right of every citizen and it should be made on time without any fuss. Adults who have not yet created a birth registration card must go to your local government engineering department and get one from there.

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