JDC Result 2023 (Madrasah Board Result)

Madrasah Board is going to announce JDC Result 2023 on December 31, 2023. Are you looking for the result? Then read this article. Because here we will discuss how to collect JDC result 2023.

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And we will answer some frequently asked questions in the later part of this article. So let’s start discussing about JDC result 2023.

Madrasah Board JDC Result

Madrasah Education Board Bangladesh has declared that the most awaited jdc examination result will be published on December 31, 2023.

This year 7 lakh students have taken part in jdc examination taken by Madrasah board.

Jdc Result 2019
Now we are going to show you some information about Madrasah Board jdc exam 2023. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Serial Number What Info
1 Exam Authority Madrasah Board
2 Exam date November 2, 2023
3 Name of Exam JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate)
4 Official Website http://bmeb.ebmeb.gov.bd/
5 Result Date December 31, 2023
6 Pass Rate 90%

How to Collect JDC Result 2023


You know that there are millions of student reading in Madrasah board. And it is impossible for the board to distribute the result to Educational Institutes. So the board publish the result in a website. There is also options for checking jdc result through mobile SMS.
When the result is published throughout Bangladesh, all the student who have taken part in jdc examination want to check their result at a time. So the website went down while serving heavy traffic.
Then what is the way for checking the result? There is another way and that is SMS method. But it is a matter of great sorrow that many of Bangladeshi Madrasah student don’t know how to use internet.
So what is the alternative then? SMS method is the only solution to this problem.
Because SMS is such a feature that available in any mobile phone. And this is usable without internet. So if you want to send a SMS, you don’t need to have internet connection. But you need to pay SMS charge.

You can collect jdc result in many ways. Some of them are very easy while some of them are quite hard. We will teach you both the methods.

How To Collect

The very first method is online method. And the second method is sms method.


At the very beginning, we will discuss the process of collecting Result by online method.

JDC Result 2023 Online

Checking Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Result is very easy task. Anyone can check their result by visiting online.

To check JDC Result, you have to visit the official website of Education Board. Do you know the web address of Education Board? The website address is educationboardresults.gov.bd.


Suggested articles: JSC Result 2023 & http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/

When the page will fully loaded, you have to input some of your information.

At first you have to choose JDC/JSC from the result category. Then select the exam year which is 2023.

Now put your roll & registration number. After that solve the Captcha Challenge. Then click on submit button. Your result will be shown in the pop-up page.

We hope that you have checked your JDC Result. Now we are going to discuss how to check JDC Result by SMS.

JDC Result 2023 SMS

You can easily check your jdc result by sms. The process is very easy and simple. But to check the result by sms you have to wait for sometimes.

You can only get your result by sms after the publication of the result at 2:00 p.m. on December 31. There is a Keyword to write in your SMS.


You have to type the format exactly. Take a look at the below picture to learn the code.

In the picture it is seen that the appropriate words to write in write message option.

MAD stand for short name of Madrasah Education Board. And 16222 is the destination number.

We hope that you have collected your result by sms. Now we will discuss about jdc result number.

How to Check JDC Result 2023 Number

From few years it is possible to check number of every subject of jsc exam. But from now on anyone can check their number in jdc exam result.

How To Check Jdc Number

You may like reading articles on: JDC Result 2023 Marksheet & https://eboardresults.com/


But there is a prescribed method in which you can easily check your number of jdc exam.

Do you know the method? If you don’t know then you should read this passage. Because here we will discuss the process elaborately so that you can learn.

To check your number of jdc exam, you have to visit the official website of Education Board. Then choose your examination.

After choosing your examination name, you have to choose examination year. And your examination year is 2023.

Now put your board name which is Madrasah board. After that you have to input your roll registration number in the blank space.

Finally click on submit button to check your jdc number.

How to Download Marksheet of JDC Result


Junior dakhil certificate examination result is to be collected with marksheet. After the publication of the result anyone can download the jdc result with marksheet.

But do you know how to collect the result? There are rules for collecting the result. You have to abide by the rules for collecting jdc result with marksheet.

Here we are going to discuss step by step process for collecting marksheet.

Visit www.eboardresults.com

Eboardresults.com is the website for checking jdc result with marksheet. You have to visit this website in order to download your marksheet of jdc examination. The website has easy navigation system. So you can easily get your marksheet from this website.

Select Your Examination and Year

It is assumed that you are looking for jdc result, so you have to select jsc/jdc from the dropdown menu. There are many a few options for selecting. There is a tutorial on how you should click on jsc. You will find this option at the very beginning of the drop-down menu. If you want to know more then you should look at the picture below.

Select Your Examination And Year

You have participated in jdc examination in 2023, you have to select 2023. For your help we have collected a screenshot of how to select your examination year. You should take a look at the picture below to get idea about the process.

Select Your Examination And YearSelect Your Board

As you are hair to get your result of Madrasah board, you have to select your word as Madrasah board. On the drop down menu you will find it at the bottom of the list. For your better understanding here is a screenshot. Please take a look at the picture and don’t hesitate selecting your board.

Select Your Board

Input Your Roll & Registration Number

Have you memorized your roll number and registration number? If you do it, then you are a great fool. Because you don’t need to memorize all that complicated numbers. You can find your roll and registration number on your admit card. Take a look at that before checking your result from internet.
Remember one thing, you have to be very careful while you input your roll and registration number on that website of Education Board.
Be careful about roll and registration number. If you type your roll number in the form of registration number or registration number on roll number blank, then you will not get your jdc result at all.
We suggest you that you should take a look at the below picture to get a clear idea about roll and registration number.

Input Your Roll &Amp; Registration Number

Solve Captcha & Click on Submit

This is the last step of taking your jdc result from Education Board result website. In this step you have to solve a captcha challenge in order to get your result.

Solve Captcha &Amp; Click On Submit

As an example, we can say about Captcha we provide below. In that Image it is seen that you are asked to add two separate numbers. And that is 2 + 8 = 10. There may be different number from this number. Be careful. Therefore you have to click on submit button to get your result. And your result will appear as soon as click on submit if there is no error.

JSC Dakhil Result 2023

Junior Dakhil result is a huge result in Bangladesh. Some people call it as dakhil result. We will discuss both the topic here. By reading this article you will clearly learn the process and how to collect the result.

JSC Dakhil result 2023 is going to be announced by Madrasah board on December 30, 2023. This year more than 4,00,540 students have taken part in the examination.


You know that the JDC Exam 2023 was started on November 2, 2023. On the first day of exam, 66,000 students remain absent. This is a matter of great concern for Madrasah Board.

Do you know how to collect the JSC Dakhil Result 2023? If you don’t know how to check the result, then read the below passage.

Step 1: At the very first step, visit the official website of Madrasah Education Board. There you find some options for checking your result.

Step 2: Select your examination as jdc. Then input your roll number and registration number from your admit card. Be careful when you input your numbers there.

Step 3: Now solve the captcha challenge. And finally click on submit button. Then your result will be downloaded.

Grading system

If you are looking for grading system, then you are welcome to our website. Here we are going to show you the appropriate grading method. GPA calculation will help you determining your result. GPA grading system is very much important.

Quick Links for Checking JDC Marksheet

In order to check your jdc result with marksheet, you have to visit some websites. You have collected all the websites.
For your kind information, we are going to show you all the link at a place. You can easily navigate to those pages. We hope that you will easily collect your jdc result marksheet.


Madrasah Board: Click here to get Result: https://www.bmeb.gov.bd

SMS Process: JDC<Space>MAD<Space>Roll<Space> Year & send to 16222

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: JDC Result Koto Tarikh?

Answer: JDC Result December 31 Tarikh.

Question 2: JDC Result Koto Tarikhe Dibe?

Answer: JDC Result 31 Tarikhe Dibe.

Question 3: JDC Result Koto Tarikhe Hobe?

Answer: JDC Result 31 December Tarikhe Hobe.

Question 4: JDC Result Kivabe Dekhbo?

Answer: JDC Result kivabe dekhben ta amra apnake sekhabo. Prothome apnake amader post sompurno porte hobe. You should read this entire article first.

Question 5: JDC Result 2023 Koba Diba?

Answer: JDC Result December maser 31 tarikhe dibe.