Jamalpur Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Just as a student’s interest in learning helps a lot when he is in the process of learning something, an educational institution and learning environment increases a student’s interest in learning something new. So in order to speed up the learning of the students and from the question of desire of good educational institution, students want that they will study in a government educational institution. So those who are residents of Jamalpur can pick up the application form for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022.

In this case, you can feel free to put the name of Jamalpur district school in the list of your choice. Jamalpur Zilla School is a reputed educational institution within Jamalpur Sadar and the standard of education here helps a student to develop interest in reading. The Government School Admission Authority is conducting all these activities in all the government educational institutions across the country as the admission test is not held for the purpose of admission in 2022 and the admission is being done through lottery.

Therefore, Jamalpur Zilla School will be a government educational institution to provide admission to students in new classes in accordance with this policy. However, the Government School Admission will manage all the activities including the admission application and lottery process. Students will only be able to apply online at the Government School Admissions website from November 25 to December 8 at 5 pm and the application link for this website is provided on our website.

You will pay an application fee of Rs 110 through this. By paying the application fee, a student can fully apply to a total of five educational institutions.

Jamalpur Zilla School Admission Result

The results will be released on December 15 for those who have applied for admission in Jamalpur Zilla School by 2021. You will go directly to the official website of Government School Admission to view these results and after logging in with the student ID PIN number of the student, it will be mentioned which school the student has been selected for admission.

Moreover, you can check the results by entering the official website of all the schools that you have put on the preferred list. However, to see the quick results, you can go directly to the official website of Government School Admission and see the results from there in a very easy way. However, if there is any problem to see the results or you can not see the results, provide your user ID and PIN number on our website. Then we will be able to give you this result very soon.

Jamalpur Zilla School Info

Jamalpur Zilla School is an educational institution established during the British rule. These educational institutions have been established for boys and about 1500 students are regularly studying from class III to class X. Jamalpur District School under Dhaka Board of Education can achieve good results in board examinations every year.

In addition to achieving good results in this school every year, the students are involved in various activities to develop their talents and are playing an active role in teaching. The head teacher of this educational institution and other teachers are always distributing the light of knowledge among the students.