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A good news is coming for the people of Sylhet city. Today we are presenting today’s iftar schedule for Sylhet city. Sylhet city is a beautiful city. Many tourists visit this city. Iftar list is very important for many tourists to their city of Sylhet. And so today we present this article for Sylhet city dwellers. If you are a permanent resident of Sylhet. Then this article will help you in many ways. Several common people staying in Sylhet have contacted us. They asked us when we will mention the Sehri and Iftar schedule for Sylhet residents.

They told us a lot. So that we can quickly mention the Iftar list for Sylhet residents. And so today we have come before you with the list of Iftar for the people of Sylhet. You know that we always present the right information to you. In continuation of that, today we are going to present to you the correct information of Iftar or the correct list of Iftar for the people of Sylhet. If you are a permanent or temporary resident of Sylhet city. That is, if you are currently staying in Sylhet city.

And if you want to complete all the fasts in the month of Ramadan then this list will help you. Because everyone who wants to fast in the month of Ramadan must know the schedule of sehri and iftar of the month of Ramadan. If you don’t know then you can’t fast in the month of Ramadan properly. And this is by no means desirable. That’s why everyone should know the timings of Iftar while fasting in the month of Ramadan. And Sylhet residents must know. Taking all the factors into consideration, we present this article to you today.

Sylhet iftar time today 2023


This time we have appeared before you. It is completely for the people of Sylhet region and people of other regions cannot use it. Because using it in other regions will not benefit them in any way. They will in no way get anything profitable from this. That’s why I want to say that you must check it out when you read this article. That it applies to your region.

Read the article carefully only if you are a person from Sylhet region. Moreover, there is no need to read. Because if you don’t get anything profitable from here. So what’s the point of reading it? All things considered we are going to present it to you. So that wherever you are in the country, if you want to fast according to the rules of Sylhet region. Then you can definitely read it and learn the necessary things from here and you can learn everything you need to know very easily.

We constantly present the important information for the people of every region of the country. So that people can easily accept everything they need. If we have misrepresented any part. Then it is your responsibility to correct it. If you are our regular reader then surely let us know all those things. Things that are not presentable in any way. If you have told us all those things. Then we will constantly try to avoid all those things. So that you do not get any wrong information from us. Not only will you benefit from it, but we will also benefit. Also many others like you will not benefit.

2023 sylhet iftar timetable


In order to fast in 2023 Sylhet residents must know the timings that have been fixed in 2023. A new fast has arrived in 2023 and the exact timing for this fast has been fixed. Those of you who want to fast this year must have all the rules of fasting this year. They should be read carefully. Need to know and gather information from here. Read carefully from beginning to end. By doing this you will easily get the correct information about Iftar and Sehri.

Our today’s article is important for Sylhet residents. Because those who are staying in Sylhet region should read our article to get all the information correctly. Only those who will properly consider all the issues will know the correct information. You know that there are going to be 30 fasts in this month of Ramadan. Let’s see how easy it will be to overcome any time. Each of us would wish that we could do the complete fast. So that we can follow the guidance of Allah.

With all these hopes we try to start fasting in the month of Ramadan. And with the aim of fulfilling that hope, we have kept all the activities going. So that you can get the correct information. By using the correct information you can fast in the month of Ramadan and may all your fasts be accepted. In other words, all our activities are ongoing with the hope that it will be accepted. This will continue in the future as well

Ajker Iftar Timetable Sylhet 2023


The people of Sylhet are everywhere rather than the prime ministerial district city or other divisional cities of the country. The common people of Sylhet city stay. They advance the tourism industry in many ways. Sylhet city has achieved a lot with the tourism industry. Many of those who reside in the city have many types of trade. Every stage is reached. We also organize all our activities in the same way. So that everyone can understand us very easily. Everyone can share with us what they need.

And we are obliged to give them all the information. Family If you also want to let us know your requirements. Then you can contact us directly. If you contact us directly, we discuss all the issues in front of you. I will be able to convey those things to all of you. Even if there is someone who is staying in remote areas of the country. For which our articles are not getting properly.

To them, if you want to get our articles first. Then turn on the notification option of your mobile phone. Turn on the notification option on our website. So that no matter when we upload the articles. Only then can you get these projects first. Many people have noticed this. Because we have some regular readers who see the article as soon as we upload it. Because there is so much information about the country that gets lost over time. We have a lot of information that might make a mistake if you don’t look at it carefully right now. Once the time is up, that information will be of no use to you.